instrumental music suggestion neded

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1. balasana ,

Greetings music lovers.
I'm trying to compile a modern instrument music playlist for a social event. Anyone has a personal favorite to recommend?
Global instruments like guitar or piano are of course welcome, regional flavors like Sitar or oud too. Either acoustic or digital.
i'm looking for variety really. Any help is appreciated. This one is from me, as an example. Sorry it is a bit long.

2. Fawaz,

Hey Bal,
I have big collection of turkish music, as well others, but make a search for turkish music, you can find some interesting ones I believe.
good luck!

3. Adventure-Time,

Mike Oldfield's Amarok is my recent greatest favorite. I love most of his instrumental pieces in general. But I assume he's much too popular to not be included on your list. Another favourite of mine is the 'Red Bats With Teeth' by Angelo Badalamenti. A jazz song that was used in Lost Highway, the David Linch's movie. The song stunned me while I was watching it. I own plenty of instrumentals so I might come up with some more later on.

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4. balasana ,

Hey AT, I checked out Michael Oldfieled. One album titled Tubular Bells would fit into my list very well. It sounded somewhat celtic with some interesting key changes, making it much ahead of easy-listening. I like Red Bats and smooth jazz goes right back to my home territory. However, a slower tempo with less drumming might work better with the rest of the list. Keep digging please?
Yo Fawaz, There are just so many Turkish music! You are more familiar with the genre, could you please narrow it down a bit for me? Just instrumental, no voice, slow and peaceful with unique instrument or style. If you could...
Thanks my friends for your help. I have until Saturday to finalize the list.
Would love to hear from others here as well.

Cheers, Balasana

5. Fawaz,

There are many I don't remember all the names, but try istanbul Strings or Husnu,
here an example for Husnu:
Many pieces by IStrings might sound sad, so becareful as well there will be lots of conversion jumping from mood to mood.
good luck!

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