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1. Cristina,

Hello everybody!
As the title of the topic is saying, there will be a scopa tournament, which will take place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of may 2017. It will be during three days, in the middle of that week, because the tournament will have four stages: the groups, the quarter-final, the semi-final and the final. The matches of the groups will be played on the first two days and on the third day will be played the matches of the other three stages: the quarter-final, the semi-final and final.
The starting time will be the same for each day, 17:00 (5 p. m. U k time).note:
The scopa escoba variant will be chosen, because the most people wanted this and the 2 points ahead rule will be on.
If there will be a tie, then a tie break match will break it
And the first two very good teams from each group will go to the next stage, the quarter-final.
If one or more players will not turn up on the time, then the match will be awarded automatically to the opponent.
The score limit for each stage is as follow:
13 for the groups, 17 for the quarter-final, 21 for the semi-final and 25 for final.
If the score of the matches will be close, due the rule of two points ahead, then each match will run on untill one of those two players who play them will have the score limit of the next stage.
For example: X vf the match of Y will have the score 12-13, the match will be played untill one of X or Y will have the score 17. Then the match will stop even if their scores will be still close.
In that case if the score will be tie, then who got more cards, diamonds, sevens, or even the seven of diamond, will be considered the winner of that match.
This tournament will be a little bit different, because I can not play early in evening on saturday anymore, therefore I could not run it over the weekend.
So, if your schedule will allow you to participate in this tournament and you wish to do it, then do not hesitate to register here or even to contact me privately.
Hope to have 32 participants in this tournament, if no, I will try to manage it to be an enjoyable event for all of us.
Kind regards, Cristina!

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2. sunny,

count me in.

3. Snowflake,

Count me in, thanks.

4. alesia,

count me please thanks

5. TrixaBella6666,

count me in also.

6. george,

ok, i will be there, i want try that

7. Cristina,

Hello all!
I would like to thank everyone, who have signed up for this tournament. There are 32 players already, therefore who will register since now, will be on the standby list.
I have said that the match of absent people will be awarded automatically to the opponent, but if anyone will need to be replaced before the tournament will begin, then who will be on the standby list, will take that spot.
I can talk now about the format of this tournament, as long as 32 players are in.
There will be 8 groups, in each of them will be 4 players, who will play each other.
The matches of the first 4 groups will be played tuesday, on the 9th of may, then the other matches of the other four groups will be played wednesday, on the 10th of may.
The matches of quarter-final, semi-final and final will be played on thursday, on the 11th of may.
The starting time had to be changed, it will be 19:00 (7 p.m. U k time).
If any changes will appear, then please contact me privately.
Thanks and hope to catch you all on the time and have a lot of fun together, playing in this scopa tournament!
Kind regards, Cristina!

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