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1. Snowflake,

Dear all,

Alesia and I will be hosting the next Cribbage tournament, which will take place on saturday 13th and sunday 14th of may, and is open to all players that wish to participate.

The tournament will start just after 17.00 BST, 18.00 Central Europe, 19.00 Eastern Europe, 21.00 Asia. 6.00 HST, 8.00 AKDT, 9.00 PDT, 10.00 MDT, 11.00 CDT, 12.00 EDT in the United States. So please be there on time to ensure a prompt start!

If your country/region is not covered in any of the TimeZones above then please contact one of the organizers for further assistance.

The Cribbage tournament is an individual competition which will consist of 24 players split equally into 4 matches containing 6 players playing off against each other, with 3 players having the highest score from each match going into the next round. The last 12 will compete against each other in 2 matches in the semi final. From there 3 players of each match with the highest score will go on to the final, and the winner of it will become the Cribbage tournament champion!

The players will be drawn randomly and the score limit for victory will be as follows:

For the first round 150 points, for the semi final 200 points, and for the final 250 points.


  1. There won't be a time limit, but be nice and do not take much time to think. Remember the other 5 players will be waiting to take their turn.

  2. At the start or prior to the tournament beginning we will try our best to replace any players that are unable to make their match if possible. If a player has to withdraw for any reason could you inform us as soon as possible. Once we are informed that a player is unable to participate anymore, we will ensure the first person on our standby list will get the first chance to play in the tournament. If they are unable to take part then the next player on the list will get that spot.

  3. Please don't help any of the players during the game as this is strictly forbidden. We won't hesitate in taking strong and appropriate action against anybody caught doing this. In this matter the Referee's decision is final.

  4. Please limit talk during rounds, especially when players have to work out their scores, as we don't want to remove people from the table. Make sure when writing a PM to use the @ sign at the start of your message, as your message will go out to the table without it.

  5. Anybody abusing the playroom rules or is disruptive during the tournament could be disqualified if they are still in the competition, or will be banned from the table.

  6. We wish you good luck in the tournament and hope it is an enjoyable one for you all!

    Alesia and Snowflake

2. Angelina-princess,

That's great to welcome back cribbage tournament, especial with 6 players for each table.
By the way, I would like to participate. But I'm not sure what time for my country. I'm in Vietnam, please tell me about the time.
Thank you and all the best for the tournament.

3. Snowflake,


It will be 11PM in Vietnam. A bit late for you so see what you think and let us know if you still like to take part. If yes then you are of course welcome and good luck.

While I am here I would like to thank all who already signed up. We have 13 participants so far, so if you like Cribbage and think to participate, don't waste time and write down your name as 24 players will not be so difficult to find!



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4. george,

great, i want participate, is ok?

5. Snowflake,


Dear George, I have just looked at your games statistics and it says you have played only 1 round of Cribbage with bots. Are you sure you are ready for a tournament? My advise is to take your time and practice more and then get back to us say in 1 week if you are still sure you like to take part. Good luck with that

6. MagicalKrrish,

I am in, just confirm the time if, it will be 4 AM in fiji?



7. Snowflake,

Correct, it will be 4AM there.

Welcome and good luck to you in the tournament.

8. Angelina-princess,

That time is rather fine to me cause it will take place on weekend. Thank you.

9. Fawaz,

Count me in!

10. me-me,

hey count me in too. thanks.

11. policeman1,

Count me like the numbers!.

12. chipss ,

I want to register for
the crib tournament, me and Allan. thank (smile)

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