uno tournament for the 20th and twenty first

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1. BellaCat6666,

Hello playroom users, Musiclover would like to host an uno tournament on Saturday and Sunday the 20th and twenty first of this month. The times will be as follows: 12pm PST, 2PM CST, 3PM EST, and 8PM UK/GMT. We are looking to get 20 players at 4 players per table. The rules will be as follows: 2 and 4 responses, straights, interceptions and super interceptions, bluffs, and 25 seconds time limit. The target score will be 500. The scoring system will work like this: each winner from each table will move on to the next table until there is an official winner of the tournament. I am writing this on behalf of musiclover, so please let me know if interested or if anyone has questions. Thanks in advance.
Sincerely, Musiclover and Lady Bella

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2. HVACSalesman,

...Funny as hell!
You left out mountain time. Guess the people who live in Montana, Wyoming, colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho AND PARTS OF WEST TEXAS don't matter. LMFAO

3. BellaCat6666,

My apologies. I am horrible with time conversions, even when I use a time converter, it gets confusing as hell.

4. braille0109,

Hi, I'd be interested.

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