Bolabaise tournament

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1. Badgirl,

Collecting people who are interested, then minussing half of them, for those who will not appear and than deciding if we go for it! Feel free to sign up!

2. me-me,

i am interested of course .:d

3. alesia,

helo count me please, thanks

4. Fawaz,

me too :D

5. policeman1,

sure sounds good to me!.

6. the-raven,

would love to join, but depends on the time and date

7. Sevrior,

I'm in.

8. Angelina-princess,

I have same idea with the raven :)

9. Snowflake,

Agreed with Angelina and The-raven

10. Badgirl,

My proposition for date is 20-21 may or one week later. We can vote.

11. earthquake ,

count me in

12. MissEstrellaVega,

Hello hello! my lithuanian friends Kentas and Andreja would love to take part in if it is on the weakend of 27 and 28. Good luck! I would love to participate but my all the mei weakends are taken.

13. me-me,

hey bad girly. i cant play on the 20th and 21th of may. if it will be one week later, on the 27th and 28th of may, for me is ok. thanks and hope we all can do it!

14. Cristina,

If there's any possibility to let me play at 7 p m U K time, saturday evening, then I would like to participate and please count me in.
The 27th and 28th of may it will be very ok for me to play.
Thank you!

15. the-raven,

I can't play the 27th and 28th, since I'm not home at all that weekend, but the 20th and 21st would be great.
I just wanted to point out that there is already a Uno tournament being held that weekend (20th and 21st), so it would be cool if you would make sure that the tournament will be held earlier, if you choose that weekend.

Latest edition by the-raven, May 9 2017 17:00:54

16. Fawaz,

I prefer 27 as well.

17. Angelina-princess,

For me, if it's just on weekend is fine, But it depends on the time don't be too late, especial is on Sunday then I can play.
Hope all the best.

18. basket,

Sorry, is this for the game "bouillabaisse"?

19. YNWA,

I don't think as a "Helper" it is your job to belittle people and I understand now why so many in the English part of the Playroom think you are most unsuited to the Helper's Role. All you have managed to do is create a bad image for your fellow Helpers. You now have managed to creat an us and them situation and that is Really bad for the Playroom.

20. Nikola-Jovic ,

Are you serious right now? Hey Basket, when i play 1000 miles and i press enter without drawing a card it tells me you must draw a cardfirst but i don't understand does that mean a card first or what?

21. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Thanks for making me laugh Basket! You're awsome in the reverse

22. Dayan ,

Awsome? Did you mean awesome? :p Come on basket. You better make your job as a helper instead of finding mistakes in what people say or are, even where do they come from. You became a helper only for being a native speaker, not for actually be willing to help.

23. Cristina,

Basket is not a native speaker, as I know, but do not care of what he is saying, cuz it seems he was in his talking mood. And as long as he has stated in a veeeeery old post of him that he has not friends, then comes on the forum and drop his sarcastic, but very needless comments.
Moreover I think the people are spelling wrong some words here on the purpose, thinking that Mister Basket will desire to make his helper job. He was selected for this, and as Diana has said, unfortunately he does not satisfy all those requests, which are supposed to make a helper here.
Forgive my boldness Mister basket, but the things need to be pointed out.

24. Sajad-Aliraqi,

LOL yeah, awesome is different, he is awsome though

25. Nikola-Jovic ,

Come on guys, don't destroy the topic cause of a basket. To return the topic, i want to participate in the tournament.

26. YNWA,

Badgirl will still host the tournament and won't be put off with comments like the one already spoken of so don't worry about that!

27. Nikola-Jovic ,

Of course

28. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Whatta beautiful shame lmfao! I have to learn the game first, seriously. Then I'll surely participate. If anyone is up to help me with the game I'll be thankful, I just want to enjoy the tournaments as all others! Greets

29. Nikola-Jovic ,

Sure, i can help you whenever, but do read the rules as well, they can help you.

30. Mayank ,

I don't think there is any doubt what this topic is for any more. So let's get back to it

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