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1. Snowflake,

Hello all!

We would like to announce that the registration for the tournament is closed from today as we got 24 players willing to take part, but if you wish to put your self on the standby list you are still welcome to do so.

We would also like to thank YNWA, who helped us with the draw, and to post it on here so that you know whom you will be playing against.



  1. sparklingangel
  2. Tauseef
  3. failboy
  4. magicalkrrish
  5. Sunny
  6. Aurel .


  1. Tiny
  2. Angelina-princess
  3. Guliwer
  4. Iuli45
  5. Carmen01
  6. Furki .


  1. Andreiuta
  2. policeman1
  3. cherry-blossom
  4. qedirgencero
  5. Albinuta2
  6. Allan .


  1. Earthquake
  2. vero
  3. Chipss
  4. Coco
  5. Fawaz
  6. Cristina .

We Wish you well in the tournament and hope to see you all on time, Saturday may 13th at 5PM BST, in the playroom.

So let's have fun together and make it an enjoyable event for all of us who will take part in it as players, spectators, and organizers.

Alesia and Snowflake

Latest edition by Snowflake, May 10 2017 16:59:06

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Sorry it may be off topic but: Some people got to know the difference, that there is Cocoa, who is me, and Coco, and also koko. They are pronounced the same way

3. BellaCat6666,

Lol. are they all on playroom?

4. soundarya,

At least I have seen Cocoa and Coco. But I have not met Koko, but as Cocoa says, koko may as well be a user here.

5. Cristina,

I've seen coocoo, he is a guy from Pakistan and I think he is who will participate. They have just spelled wrong his nick.

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

LOL, here, NTVG mark is at the end

7. mohammed_albasha,

hi i'am sorry i want to join to this tournament and i want to find place for me thanks

8. me-me,

greetings to snowflake and alesia. i dont see my name in any group of players. would like you to you let me know what is the matter? as you have read on previous post , i have asked to participate in the tournament. is there any explaination about? i hope there is one.

9. YNWA,

You do have a long record of not turning up to tournaments unfortunately. I know from hosting tournaments in the past how difficult it is trying to replace players at the last minute. I am not saying they are all your falt as I am sure you have perfectly good reasons why you didn't turn up for some previous tournaments. I am sure Snowflake and Alesia didn't want to take any risks as they know how hard it is replacing people at the last minute. Perhaps if you turn up this time then you may still be able to grab a place due to someone else not turning up.

10. me-me,

first of all i wasnt expecting any reply from you for the simple fact that you arent the organiser of this tournament. let me remind you of your sentence told me that you wont be organising tournaments anymore . so i believe that snowflake who wrote this post has mouth to reply her self and not letting you to do it for her. with other words may you not get your nose where it isnt about you. and if you're talking about my absents on previous tournaments, think twice before doing that. its not up to you if i havent turned up to other tournaments where the organiser wasnt you. so speak about your self , dont include the others. the only tournament that i couldnt turn up was on the hearts one where you was the organiser and let me again remind you that it was only your fault because its not up to me if you try to hide the post editting them. so careful with your words. you are nobody on this platform to exclude the people from tournaments without a logical reason. so again am telling to you to thinnk nk twice before taking your unreasonable and unlogical decisions. according to your age doesnt speak good about you to be honest. you dont show any level of your smartness by excluding people from tournaments. a last thing, work with your self and call the logic man. dont bullshit anytime you can on here. i am not caring just for a tournament. but its sad to know that you trying to show your self as the best on here , when in fact you're just showing your low level of thinking. it's a pitty really.

11. Mayank ,

That's enough of the personal attacks.
Let's focus on the topic.
and let the organisers speak, or do say if you are the organiser. No point speculating whatever the reason is

12. me-me,

i'm sorry but he started so i had to continue exactly what he started. i give back what i receive .

13. Mayank ,

The message was for both, and everyone else around

14. YNWA,

If you want me to provide you with evidence that you missed more than one tournament look at this link. There is no need to say more. I am sure you can find others if you search through the forum. Unofficially I am still helping out with Snowflake so I can comment on the tournament.

15. MagicalKrrish,

SnowFlake wrote in her initial post as "Alesia and I will be hosting the next Cribbage tournament", she didn't even mentioned that you will be helping. You just helped in the drawing so let the organisers deal with this.

Regards, Krrish

16. me-me,

lol lee. you keep bullshitting man. well i already know that is the only thing you can do best actually. keep going on that. you cannot be different. good luck with it.

17. YNWA,

?The evidence is well documented people just have to look back at old tournaments on the forum or ask other people who have hosted tournaments in the past.

Latest edition by YNWA, May 13 2017 11:07:13

18. Raki,

Rather unfortunate that the organisers haven't even bothered to reply. Me-me deserves an explaination from the organisers not their self-appointed spokesperson.

19. Snowflake,

Dear Me-me,

When you subscribed for this tournament I didn't like to reply just not to make this issue known to all the players on here. I thought you will work out the reason for your self seeing you aren't included in the draw, or at least will contact me privately. But since you chose to ask for an explanation on here then so be it.

We didn't like to risk including you because you have subscribed for 3 tournaments where I was a part of the organizing team: Cribbage, Bouillabaisse, Hearts, but didn't turn up for any of them. You didn't show up even after I chatted to you reminding about the Hearts Tournament 1 day before it took place. You asked me to tell you what time it will be in your country so I did. Then you said you will surely be there, but you didn't, so we had to find a replacement which was not as easy as you think.

I think it is an enough valid reason not to risk including you for this tournament, taking into account that it is the first tournament for Alesia being an organizer. Alesia doesn't speak English well enough and may need my help anytime during the tournament so I won't have time to stay waiting on each subscribed player and check if they are or not online on playroom, especially when they are not on my friends list, as it is in your case. Also, I would like to spend as less time as possible looking for replacements, but concentrate on the tournament and the matches I'll have to host instead.

Sorry I didn't reply yesterday because was busy in other things. YNWA knew that and offered to reply because he knows well why you were not included so I agreed as he helped a lot on the background even if he is not an organizer this time. He wrote that message in a nice and polite way and sorry to say but, you attacking him the way you did, cant help in your case.

I hope I was clear enough.

All that being said, I wish good luck to those who will turn up to play today and hope to have as less absentees as possible.


Latest edition by Snowflake, May 13 2017 13:35:56

20. me-me,

yes raki that's the point. i dont even know who is this ynva talking to because i am still waiting an explanation from organisers them self.

21. Angelina-princess,

Well guys, could I speak few words please!
As Some people wrote above, I think Me-me was really respected & expected to sign up in this tournament. Even she had a fault that didn't show up for the previous tournaments cause of some reasons of herself. She wasn't registered for joking, & I also understand what did the organisers team do as the reason you just mentioned. But it'd better if one of you in organisers team could explain to her why/reason that made her couldn't join.
I think, the register who hadn't selected deserving to know why couldn't they not participate while they were excited to register for tournament.
That shows your respect with participants who has support your tournament & everything will be better.
Regards, Angelina

22. Cristina,

First, why are some people so shameless and offend publicly, even if they are guilty?
Such attitude tells much about the caracter of those who do this.
second, myself organized some tournaments and all what I can say, it's up to the organizers if they accept the players who registered, especially in that case when they know that some of them did not turn up to play in the other tournaments what they have organized, nor informed the organizers about the reason.
Then how could we expect to be treated as we do not do it?
When it is happening as it was with this tournament, then it was obvious why the organizers did not count me-me in, and it was absolutely needless by herself to wonder and shout out publicly, because all this became just an embarrassing situation for her.
At least I look at it from this point of view.
Then, in the last row, I think we should solve in private our issues with the people, especially when it is a so sensible topic, as it was this.
Let's be wise and try to tolerate each other, even if there would be thousands reasons to be different.
The negativity will bring more negativity and it is absolutely unnhealthy.

23. YNWA,

Exactly Cristina, things are done for a reason. If Me-me showed more respect then she would have played today.

24. Snowflake,

Agree with you Angelina about respect, but it should be shown from both sides - organizers and players. If we have to admit that players don't sign up for a tournament just for the sake of signing up, we can say as well that those who decide to organize a tournament don't do that just because they have nothing else to do. Some have a job, some others a family and children to look after, others involved as volunteers in other projects, like my self for example. So when I decide to take on the responsibility of organizing a tournament, I hope to see a serious attitude from those who sign up as well, by either turning up on time,or at least letting me know in advance that they can't come, giving me time to find a replacement. Or in case the above options were not possible, then sending a short message after the tournament explaining why they couldn't turn up shouldn't be difficult to do. unfortunately the player in case didn't use any of the above for 3 tournaments, especially with the last one, hearts tournament, being reminded by me chatting to her 1 day before it started. I fail to see a serious attitude or respect from her. After all that, she has the courage to complain on the forum saying it is YNWA's fault that she didn't attend the Hearts Tournament. that's why I don't consider not accepting such players for a tournament as being a big crime, as it only minimizes the risk of having 1 more absentee.

25. YNWA,

Remember tournaments are invitations and not contracts. Raki and Krrish for example have not accepted everybody who signed up for their tournaments that said yes I will play. There is no point in accepting a person who has never played Cribbage for example when they put their name forward to play in a Cribbage tournament. I can tell you that I check peoples statistics who I don't know to see if they have played the game or not. People have shorter memories than a Goldfish sometimes, you only have to read the forum to see that many people here have a long history for not turning up to tournaments. Excluding one or 2 people from time to time can only help future hosts of tournaments. Unfortunately you have to be cruel to be kind so perhaps people next time will put more effort into turning up when they say they will play in future tournaments!

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