The matchups of the scopa tournament's next round

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1. Cristina,

Hello everybody!

I am delighted to talk about the results of the scopa tournament's first stage, which has concluded yesterday evening.
It was a succesfull round, 47 matches of 48 were played, by 32 players who have turned up on the time to play their matches. One match was not played, because the result of it would have not changed anything in the ranking of that group and those two players commonly agreed to not play it.

4 players were replaced because they asked this before the tournament has begun.
Here is the list of the players who passed to the next round of the tournament:

Group A: Genti, Gunjan.
Group B: Stress1988, Snowflake.
Group C: Tiny, Victoras.
Group D: Vojvoda, Player01.
Group E: Sunny, Marian.
Group F: Dragos, Simona31.
Group G: Pustiu1981. Ghiocel.
Group H: Irili, Monti.
Note: The first name from each group is for the first place and the second for the second place of it.

The matchups of the next stage, the round of sisteens are as follow:

  1. Genti vs Snowflake
  2. Gunjan vs Stress1988
  3. Tiny vs Player01
  4. Victoras vs Vojvoda
  5. Sunny vs Simona31
  6. Marian vs Dragos
  7. Pustiu1981 vs Monti
  8. Ghiocel vs Irili
  9. In this evening, may 11, the matches of the next rounds will be played. The starting time will be 18:00 (6 p. m. U K time)
    Hope, all of us will have an enjoyable time together, playing or spectating and waiting to see who will be the champion of this scopa tournament.
    Kind regards, Cristina!

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