People here are strange creatures.

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1. Sevrior,

Let's list strange things that happen here!
Today I played a fun game of chess, and lost pretty spectacularly. I had fun though, despite this.
Anyway, upon losing, (and I'll add losing when I really didn't even see that I was in danger), I proceeded to congradulate my opponent and say that I'm not great, and still learning. I even added a little smiley face!
To which I was told that I am impolite, followed by my opponent leaving the table and the playroom.
I am left baffled, and a little bit amused.

Anyone else have strange encounters to report?

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

While in fact I know jealousity at a beloved is not a wrong, but there is a kind of jealous people who are sensitively affected by a loss, or bragging of how better they could be.
I experienced this type of people! The ones that brag of how much the win against you, especially when you are still learner and they know that, are the ones unprofessional and can not face people who are stronger then them.
In relation, I am not a fan of some Turkish pervercity going on free tables, to be exact!

3. Iyaz,

good riddance that's all im sayin.

4. Aminiel,


Indeed, very strange reaction. There should be more people like you !

Many people do exactly the opposite and I find it extremely disrespectful: leave as soon as they lose too much, in the middle of the game.
I also observed it often on crazy party, so it isn't playroom specific. That's very sad.

For once that someone had an exemplary behavior !

5. Slavista,

Ya, some people are becoming children during playing... But never mind, lets laugh at them, they are ridiculous and life is funny with them... :D

6. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Yeah, is happening here and in Crazy Party too.

7. sound2,

You were not impolite at all. It's their loss. Interesting that this person couldn't take being congratulated. But that happends all over. Not just on the playroom only.

8. Saniel_Morse,

Indeed it was kinda strange; but since we all are talking about those things, I'll quote one which occured some time ago. I didn't point it 'cause it was unimportant and rather childish, yet now it'd be interesting to share.

A friend of mine, a girl, joined another user into a scopa table; the game didn't start yet so I decided to have some fun with them too. But as song as I entered the table, that user which was also the master, baned me from that table with no reason! And I didn't say any word!

I was kind of angry for that, but after I gave him (or her, not sure) the importance he deserved. You know, as big as a pinch of salt. :D


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