results of this weekend's tournament

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1. BellaCat6666,

Hello folks,

As you all know there was an uno tournament hosted by Musiclover and myself. We were hoping to have 20 players in total but we only managed to get 12 which was still a good turnout. The goal was to get less than victory score of 500 inwith 25 second time limit. We had two matches of which one took place yesterday and only 3 out of the 12 achieved less than 500 points in the first match. Those players who made it to the second match which took place today were: Jotes, The Raven, and Vojvoda. But the final winner of the tournament as a whole was raven with a winning score of 493. It was a pretty close game though between raven and jotes, but as I said, Raven took the victory so congratulations to her. To everybody else, thank you all for your time and participation, it was a great game overall and I hope everyone enjoyed his/herself. I look forward to doing something like this again in the near future. Well anyway, after reading this, enjoy your day/night/evening yall and I will see yo folks around.

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