Zanzibar party

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1. Badgirl,

Hello guys. I am doing to make a mini tournament in zanzibar, and the idea is as simple as that: to gather as many people, as possible and just find out who is a main looser :) Who would be in? About the time hmmm... May be next saturday - 24 of june at my ten pm what would be 9 pm of UK time? If you have other suggestion, for example we could do 2 matches if more people would be interested to do it earlier for example.... feel free.

2. Everyone,

Lets do this!

3. andkuk,

i loged on tournament

4. Cristina,

Let's have some fun. Smile!!!
Count me in.

5. Angelina-princess,

Yeh, would love to join if you can priority for me? Let's do it earlier or at least same to bouillabaisse tourney which you had done. :).
Thanksy & cheers.

6. policeman1,

Since am the winner just put me for the title!.

7. helleon,

Yeah will enter if i'm not too late.

8. dahlia ,

woohoo yea! me love to win too , so sign meeieiieieieieie, up! smiles!

9. tiny,

count me please

10. cyclone,

well shur'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'rr'e u can count me in, s's's's's'ssmiley

11. Dayan ,

If therre is place still, then why not? Good luck to you all, it's all about it. :D

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12. Badgirl,

Dear friends. There is nothing like a list or place... Just come and make our group huge! Everybody is welcome and nobody will be blamed if she or he doesn't come, though I really hope we can do a great party. I wish we could play in arround 15 people. If that happens I will feel succeeded! Waiting for you and on friday I will write once again about exect time. There will be two matches, I hope one will be more suitable for people from America and so on. Kisses BG

13. Adventure-Time,

I'm in! Sounds like fun. Just want to pinpoint that the maximum amount of players per game is 16, so we might want to make more than one table if we're greater than that.

14. Badgirl,

Hello all.

There will be two matches then. One will be at my six, the same in Egypt, what is five PM of UK time and about noon in USA, that is arround four in Fiji.

For those who would prefer it later, there will be a second match 4 hours later, at my ten, 9 PM of UK time.

We start not later than five minutes after six or ten, and there is no restart. Spectators are welcome.

15. cmaymay,

hi i would like to join if is no too late thanks

16. Angelina-princess,

Hello BG, I'm so sorry to say that I cannot participate in your lovely party on this weekend.
I have a sudden trip on this saturday. That's a pity for me & I'm really sorry.
I hope will have someone replace my spot & wish all the best for your zanzibar party.
Best regards, Angelina.

17. helleon,

do we need to be there for both matches? or just one or the other?

18. Badgirl,

That depends on you H. You can take part in two or one of them or any :P Nobody is late as long as he or she comes just on time. :D

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