Spades tournament

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1. batica,


We are back for the Spades tournament.
Again 4 groups of 3 teams, two best teams are going to the next stage.
All games will be played with a score of 450 points.
And if we manage to collect people it will be played this weekend at 8 PM UK time.

Feel fre to ask and register
Best regards
Vojvoda and, myself the only one beautiful, awesome great Serbian

2. Nikola,

Why didn't you write that from first account? And where is your tatica?

3. Cristina,

I think you are big, fat and ugly serbian, :D :D
Anyway please count me in, and I will look for a teammate.
Thank you!

4. laila.ali,

hmm .who lie to u and told u that u beautiful?! she blind sure !u and serbian fat ugly ,no doubt in that

5. Angelina-princess,

Hello the organisers, for the time of my team, we would like to play earlier 8pm UK time, about 2 or 3 pm UK time is ok for us.
Thanks & best regards.

6. Gilgamesh,

Count Me in

7. YNWA,

I think this tournament is passed.

8. Pavkov,

No it's still inprogress

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