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1. Mayank ,

Last summer, we started a book club on this playroom with a group of friends. We would get together once a month on a free table to discuss a book that we selected to read. Unfortunately due to time conflicts we weren’t able to continue the book club.
We (Balasana, Raki, and I) are excited to announce that we are going to re-launch the book club!
We have decided to change things up this time around:
-The meetings will be held on Skype instead of on free tables.
- We're opening up the book club to the forums.
Reading is something that everyone partakes in – for pleasure, for learning, for creativity, for an escape – we all have our reasons. Whether you’re a beginner and just looking to start reading your first book or you’ve read a few thousand books, there’s a spot for you.
How it’s going to work:
We will have our first meeting this Saturday, July 1 at 1900 GMT, this meeting will serve as an introductory meeting where members will have the opportunity to get to know one another, fix the time for following meetings, and choose our first book!
From then, we will read a book every month and get together to talk about it.
All meetings will be on Skype and on a Saturday of each month.
We will also have a Facebook group for this book club which our members will be required to join.
If you wish to join us, we will require your Skype username so we can add you to our calls. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your Skype names below, please inbox either Mayank or Imthechampraki on the playroom.
We ask that members are able to verbally converse reasonably in English as the meetings will be in English!
Note: You don’t have to be a native English speaker nor does your English grammar have to be perfect, we’re all there to learn.
Also, if you see this post after Saturday, July 1, you will still be able to join, just drop one of the organisers an inbox or reply below.
More information will be given in Saturday’s meeting.
Hope to see you Saturday and beyond!

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2. ali.altikrety,

cout me in, skype name ali_abdulhadi13

3. Minionslayer,


4. sound2,

Would've liked to join, but can't do voice chat. Limited data and so on. Also where would you get the books?

5. rockstar2013,

Greetings everyone, I'd like to join the book club, but I have a few questions. First, what's the time that has been fixed for the meetings? I'm in India, and if the timings in my timezone suggest that the meetings might be held at midnight, then I cannot join, since I usually sleep at night. Second, when you select a book, where do you find the book to read, and in what formats they are available. Thank you in advance. O, and my Skype name is sai_teja1

6. Raki,


The books will always be available in text format. We cannot guaranty audio as not all books are available in audio and for free. However, a lot of our members who prefer audio books are subscribed to

The meetings are held on either the first or second Saturday of each month at 3PM eastern (1900 GMT).
If you can’t make it to every meeting, that’s perfectly fine; meetings aren’t mandatory. You can always read the book and be active discussing it within the Facebook group.

7. sopralto,

Two questions. How are the books selected, and can I join without having a Facebook account? You say it is required to be in the Facebook group, but I don't want to create an account just to be active there.

8. afrim,

Hello Sopralto, the Facebook acount is required to keep you up to date with the events that are organised by the team that manages the Bookclub. Also, they often create poles and begin discussions on a particular matter that catches our interest as members. The books are selected through poles that the team responsible for this task creates, and the book source is created by our contribution, that is, an administrator of the team creates a facebook post where we put forward our suggestions, which are then used in the poles that I was refering to above. You can also, start a discussion of your interest and everyone will welcome it.
Hope this helps!

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