Belote tournament

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1. Nikola,

Hello everyone. Me and bastibasti are organizing a belote tournament. We need 8 teams. If someone wants to sign up and doesn't have a partner, let me or basti know and we will try to find a partner for you, however it would be better if you could find a partner.
There will be no fixed time for the tournament and players can arrange matches whenever they have time. The only case where you need to play at the exact time is if one match takes too long, but we will notify you in advance if that is required. When we get 16 players, others can still sign up, but they will be on the standby list.
Format is as follows: Matches will be drawn randomly, and 4 winning teams will go to the semy final. For the first matches, score limit will be 800, for the semi final 1000, and for the final match 1200
We wish you all good luck, and hope you will enjoy this tournament.

2. Everyone,

Write down adventure-time and myself!

3. Angelina-princess,

Count me & Dahlia in, thanks.

4. Nikola,

Hello, i'll be sending friend requests to those who participate, just so that i can find people more easily and arrange matches. After the tournament, you can delete me.
Thanks and best to all who signed up.

5. unolover,

cont me

6. Nikola,

Do you have a partner?

7. Cristina,

I would like to participate, but I need to know when this will take place, because on the 16th of july I'll go on the holiday and just on the 24th, I would be back.
Thank you!

8. Nikola,

Hello, i did send you a permanent message, but if you didn't see it i can't exactly tell you when it will take place, because i don't know how quickly we will get enough teams. If you happen to be on holidays that time, it's up to other players. For example i would have no issue waiting for you to come back and then to play your matches as long as others agree with that.

9. policeman1,

Count me in!.

10. Nikola,

I don't know do i have to tell each and every person individually that belote is a team game and that you should tell us your partner please.

11. policeman1,

you can give me a partner if you would like to.

12. Nikola,

Oh OK if you don't have a partner we will try to find one, though seeing how unpopular this game is that might not be easy. So far, only unolover mentioned signing up without a partner but I don't know is he still interested as we didn't receive any replies from him. We are missing 4 teams, and if we don't get them until the start of next week we will be starting the tournament. It will be a somewhat small one, but it's the first tournament i've ever organized and i was expecting at least 8 teams to sign up.

13. alesia,

helo count me please, me and furki thanks

14. policeman1,

I will be partnering with jose and also would like to know specific day for tourney.

15. Nikola,

There's no specific day, just read the first post, and you and jose are in.

16. Sevrior,

I'll join I suppose. Mostly so I can prevent Everyone, (the player, not the applicative term), from advancing. No idea about partners and so on and so forth.

17. Nikola,

I think there's a partner for you, but i'll write about it soon. If there is, the sign up will be completed. Just watch this topic.

18. Cristina,

I forgot to say, that Aurel will be my partner, but if you gonna run it on the next week, then we can not participate.
I will return from my holiday just on the 24th of july.
Anyway, good luck to all of you!

19. Nikola,

Well Cristina, if i don't find either a partner for sevrior or another team, we'll have to wait till you return cause i am missing just one team.

20. romania2017 ,

Count me in!.

21. Nikola,

If you want to be a partner with sevrior let me know and i will write you.

22. romania2017 ,

Ok, I want to be a partner with him, so when do I form a team with him?

23. Nikola,

I do not know, we didn't receive replies from him and if we don't till sunday, you'll be having someone else as a partner.

24. romania2017 ,

I do not have a partiener, but if I'm to look for it

25. Sevrior,

Here's a message from him! And before Sunday too.

That team is fine with me.

26. Nikola,

Hello ok then here are the final teams, please read this and if you can't participate let us know. I'll be making drawings later today so you can see with who you play. Note: If someone is not in the tournament it is probably because you did not have a partner, we've prioritized people with partners as that makes it easyer.
bastibasti and nikola
angelina princess and dahlia
adventure time and everyone
Fawaz and marina 7
alesia and Furki
policeman and jose
chips and aurel
Sevrior and romania2017

27. Angelina-princess,

Hello, my partner Dahlia now changed to Annaryana. It means she changed her ID.
I just want to let you know. Thanks.

28. Nikola,

OK that is no problem.

29. musiclover,

i still dont have a partner

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