What is your favourite culture?

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1. Giovani,

I have this question, because I have sometimes various lovings of cultures. At first time, my favourite cultures were arabic, african and turkish. After some year, It was balkan ETC.
Nowadays, I love now some hispanic or portuguese (but mostly hispanic) cultures, for example Puertorican or cuban. I also love indian culture too, but now, hispanic caribbeans are my favourites.
And, what about yourself?
Thank You.

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

In respect to other cultures, I like my own culture whhich is Iraqi Arabic, however I love a precious Argentine, so I'd like to know more and more about it, since in Argentina there seems to be more freedom than ever.

3. Vojvoda,

Wanted to write that I like my own Serbian culture but was afraid that it will sound stupid. Now Cocoa made me brave to say I like my Serbian culture! And also Greek because it's very similar to Serbian :D
best regards

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Greek, too, though. Brave Vojvoda now is. :D

5. Everyone,

Dog culture!

6. Giovani,

For explanation, I also love my slovak culture, also traditions of region, where I live, but also Liptov culture is also beautiful.

7. fire-starter,

what is dog culture? roflrofl

8. AmineTrichine,

Dogs language, everything about Dogs, including their selebrations, etc. I capitalised Dogs because I respect them and their culture!

9. Muhammad_Hajjar,

If it could be like this, then I love cats culture. Oh sorry I mean, Cats culture. :D :D :D.

10. fire-starter,

well i like doggs culture as well then. Doggs are awesome!

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