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1. Cristina,


I intend to organize a jass tournament, apple variant.
Could you please make a shortcut to be able to check which is the card on the top of kitty, for that case if any of players missed to hear when it is anounced in the beginning of the round?
In belote is c key, I think it would be ok to be the same in jass too.
Thank you in advance!

2. Aminiel,


Thank you for the suggestion ! This feature will be available in the next update. The C key will announce the card on top of the kitty when there is no card on the table.

Note that the C key is also used to announce the card that are currently on the table. There is no conflict since the key is used at different moments.

When is your tournament ?

Latest edition by Aminiel, Jul 28 2017 07:29:27

3. Cristina,

I am planing to organize it in august, but I am not sure yet about the date.
Anyway, thank you for taking in consideration my request.

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