New alternative to Tapin radio

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1. Giovani,

I know, that I have created this topic, but I must maybe find across the hundreths of topics here.
And also, here is another reason. Tapin radio is nolonger free. I love free software. Maybe I will buy It, but I would like to plann another software to listen various radios and also, record It.
I was desperated, when I have heard some informations about this software, which I can't explain here.
My question is again, existing some free software (or alternative) to Tapin radio?
Thank You.
Marco Oros

P.S: Some people can't allow to buy It. I think on people from poor countries.

2. Nikola,

Hi, try radio sure.

3. Giovani,

OK, I'll checked It.

4. CathyAnne,

Is that shore?

5. Maldalain,

Nope, Sure, check it out here:

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