French Tarot. Join or be a frog in a pan.

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1. Sevrior,

As promised, though very belatedly, the French Tarot tournament is finally here.
Here's the tentative plans.
Christina will be organizing most of it, as I'm a lazy bastard.
We are planning to begin the tournament on the first weekend of September. Given the long round times associated with the game, there isn't really an end date yet. We'll see how the tournament goes when we get there.
Matches will be played in standard 4 player settings, with a 300 point score limit. We will endeavor to set tournament times for 6 or 7 o'c UK times.
So, sign up. Christina has volonteered to teach newcomers to the game in the time approaching the tournament, so don't be shy.

Sign up here or message either myself or Christina. Let's do this people.

2. alesia,

helo count me please thanks

3. taper ,

i want to play this pleas count me in

4. musiclover,

i would like to lurn it

5. Angelina-princess,

yo, count me in, even though I'm still learning it. Hope to have fun & enjoyable. :)

6. Mazdak ,

Count me in, same.

7. Cristina,

Greetings all!

I am glad for those who have decided to join this french tournament instead of being a frog in a pant. smile

All of you are in, thank you guys!

There are 9 players so far, some of them contacted me privately and signed up.

it is quite impressive and we are delighted to know that many players want to learn how to play this awesome game and to take part in the tournament.

So, if anyone else will wish to join us, feel free to sign up.

All those who still wish to learn this game please contact me privately I will help with pleasure.

Kind regards!

8. Snowflake,

Count me in as well. thanks

9. Everyone,

I guess since he's joining the uno league, I should now join his tournament too so he won't have to resort to repeatedly bashing his head against a wall when I beat him in uno... Cout me in too I guess.

10. Sevrior,

Lol. Bring it pancake.

11. Badgirl,

I want to participate too and I hope to win with everyone :P

12. policeman1,

count me in if it is going to happen this time.

13. Cristina,

It will police, first because I do not want to be arrested and sent to the jail then because Sevrior was so polite calling himself "lazy bastard", although I am sure, this is not true.

He has just wanted to put on my weak shoulders almost all the burden. Smile

14. policeman1,

hahaha good one christina ya i may have to bust and arrest u both if tourney not going to happen!.

15. Adventure-Time,

Croak croak, am I being late? If not, Adventure-Time wants to participate. Being a frog is no good.

16. Cristina,

Yes, you are late.

The draw has been done, we wait for Sevrior to be back and to post everything you have to know guys.

Anyway, you will be on the standby list adventure, then maybe there will be a chance for you to play.

if no, you will remain frog untill a beautiful girl will feel pitty for you and will give a kiss, then you will be back, as before. smile

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