another 1k miles tournament

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1. BellaCat6666,

Hello, by request from awhile ago, I am considering doing another 1k miles tournament. It will be played in teams depending on how many participants we can get. Just so the tournament goes more smoothly than last time, I would like to have someone help me organize it if possible and assist me with time conversions since that's the most difficult part for me. But the end score of the game will be 5600. The rules are as follows: end of consense card will be activated along with accumulation of problems. The deck of cards will be reshuffled. Anyone who reaches higher than 5600 or if there is a tie, those players will be eliminated until there is one player who has the score. of 5600 or lower. The tournament will take place on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of September at 2pm central time which is 8pm GMT.. Again I will need help with time conversions. Please let me know if and who's interested in the tournament or if anyone has questions. Thanks, from everybody's favorite girl, Bella with all the 6's lol.

Latest edition by BellaCat6666, Sep 5 2017 08:33:23

2. Cristina,


2 PM central time it is 20:00 (8 PM) UK time,21:00 (9 PM) western and central Europe, Egypt,22:00 (10 PM) eastern Europe, Turkey and middle east,23:30 (11:30 PM) Iran, 24:00 or na 0:00 (12 PM) Pakistan, 24:30 or 0:30 (12:30 PM) India, 2 AM Vietnam and 7 AM Fiji or maybe 8 Am, I am not very sure.

Hope this will help you and all the players who will want to take part in this tournament.

If you need any other help, please feel free to ask me.

Good luck!

Cheer, Cristina!

3. bloodsharp,

i think i can join

4. alesia,

count me please

5. BellaCat6666,

Awesome! Let's keep the names roling! and big beast, I'd figured you'd join since you're one of those who been asking lol.

6. musiclover,

put me pleeze

7. Cristina,

Hey! Please count some friends of me in, they are romanian players and asked to do it for them.
One team is Victoras and Albinuta2, the other is Catalin and myself, lol!

It is not one of my favorite game, but when a good friend of me is asking to team up with him, how could I refuse? :D :D :D

8. BellaCat6666,

Will do Christina

9. Heavy_metal_pirate ,

I also wanna join. Is there a special price at the end of the thingy? or we do it for fun

10. BellaCat6666,

Lol this is for fun I don't have the kind of money for prizes. Wish I did though lol.

11. Heavy_metal_pirate ,

then yeah, I wanna do it. May I?

12. BellaCat6666,

Of course. It is open to anyone.

13. StormProductions,

I would like to join it, too.

14. BellaCat6666,

Just a reminder this tournament will be played boys vs girls. So far we have 10 players, in order to play teams I need at least 2 or so more players for even teams of 4 players each.

Latest edition by BellaCat6666, Sep 10 2017 21:32:48

15. alesia,

helo my team is furki thanks

16. Heavy_metal_pirate ,

righty. I'm on your friends list, I guess... OK no. Mind if you drop me a message when you're set with all that, please?

17. BellaCat6666,

So, update on my tournament: we have 13 players, in order for even teams, I need at least 3 more if possible. Also, I ask that there be no chatting during the games in order to keep everything rolling smoothly.

18. Heavy_metal_pirate ,

then, throwing privates is OK, I guess. Well, I'm set anyways

19. mohammedradwan9564,

cout meme

20. play_romania1,

Count me please!

21. george,

I don't understood when will happen this tournament.

22. BellaCat6666,

Just to let everyone of yall know, the participant list is closed. Thanks for all your names, I will consider some of you as standbys for those who don't show up.

23. Heavy_metal_pirate ,

I've showed up

24. BellaCat6666,

Hello all, I would like to say one final thing as part of the rules that I've forgotten to include. In order to keep the game running smoothly and quicly, I ask that there be no chatting in the tables. Also, please make sure all participants can stay during all matches that no one leaves during any match unless it's absolutely necessary. This is so that we can avoid any interruptions. After all is said and done, I wish everyone of us the best and please, have fun with this lol. Thanks for all your time. From everybody's favorite girl, Bella with the sixes. lol

25. Heavy_metal_pirate ,

lol from everybody's favorite girl she said... hehehe. Ne, I'm not really used to go with chatting on that but lets rock this thing. Who's on my team?

26. play_romania1,

Lol. !

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