3 d volisity

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1. the-supreme-AI,

hey guys, can anyone help me with 3 d volisity, i am trying to land my plane, can someone please help me, what do i have to do, and how do i land, safely, without burning up

2. Maldalain,

Oh long story, it depends on where where you want to land, as a rule of thumb, you will only land when you're racing on ground and in fighting mode you can land on aircraft carrier. For landing on the ground, make sure your landing gear is down, you're not accelerating and decelerating Make sure your speed is less than 300, don't land too fast, when you're landing on the aircraft carrier make sure you start landing when you are above 400 because the deck of the aircraft carrier is something around 300FT, Something important to remember is the alignment with the landing beacon that must be at 12 and you must land within 5Mi, don't go too far and too close, just make note of these three important data: your speed, altitude and alignment with the landing beacon when you're landing on the ground and the deck of the aircraft carrier. I have finished the game six times, for me it is one of the most realistic audio game.

3. the-supreme-AI,

how do i beat that guy when i've destroyed the airbase, please help me

4. Maldalain,

It is a combat, a simple trick is keep your ctrl key pressed down, once he tries to attack again just lift up your hand and let him fall down, you may also move towards the glass thing and crash him into it to cause more damage.

5. the-supreme-AI,

which control, and where is the glass thing, i've been knocked out, but how do i do the same to him

6. play_romania1,

Hi. I will domwload this game when I will say that how to play. If you wish.

7. the-supreme-AI,

please do, but i doubt you'll figure it out, just one thing, you need a certain version of direct exe, which one of my friends has, if you want, i'll ask him to upload it to dropbox, please add me to your friends list, and i'll send you the link

8. play_romania1,

Ok. If you wish, you can add me.

9. the-supreme-AI,

did i've got how to knock him out, but how do i beat him, he always beats me

10. play_romania1,

I has tryed to domwload.
I has coppyed this from that page:
This file is no longer available. For additional information contact Dropbox Support.

11. Wiam,

Can you give us the file here? thanks.

12. play_romania1,

Say to the-supreme-ai

13. the-supreme-AI,

who wants the file over hear, if my friend sends it, then, add me to friends, and i'll send link

14. Wiam,

i've added you, just accept.

15. the-supreme-AI,

can you send the demand again?

16. play_romania1,

I have already you at me friends list.

17. the-supreme-AI,

good news guys! i've beaten the scene i was on, to beat him, what i did was i pressed left ault to hold him, and then i threw him against the walls a few times

18. george,

where i find this game?

19. Ferrumite,

yeah it seemse that the link in the audiogames.net databace is broken

20. Nikola,

You can find it on github.

21. george,

Thanks, Nikola!

22. the-supreme-AI,

as i've said before, you need a certain version of direct exe to play it, i don't have the setup, but, i can ask my friend to send it

23. Wiam,

i can't send a request because playroom deletes it or something like that.

24. Nikola,

I actually don't think you need a certain version of anything to play it.

25. the-supreme-AI,

i hope this link works, sorry for the trouble, but anyways, if you want the tdv link, please post hear, i'll upload the direct exe first, just because, well, you need the component before you get the game, so, without furthar adue, hear's the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/ei2fp6n5bnkfgpv/dxwebsetup.exe?dl=0

26. Wiam,

Error: 460
Restricted Content
This file is no longer available. For additional information contact Dropbox Support.

27. the-supreme-AI,

hmmm, not really sure why that's happening, i've still got it, i wonder

28. Wiam,

If you have skype, can you send it to me via it?

29. the-supreme-AI,

look, i think we can arrange something, if you have ddropbox, drop me a pm with your email, and i'll add you to a shared folder and then i'll place both files, both tdv and the direct exe in there

30. StormProductions,

Please add me to the folder: untila.nicusor@mail.ru.

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