there proplem on the android phone with play room

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1. hahahaha,

hy iny 1 i and my friends we have problem with play room in 99 from iny 1 play jak the Screen reeder stoped how fix it

2. Nikola,

I can't understand the issue as you need to write better or find a friend which speaks better English. The screen reader definitely can't stop when playing 99 on Android.

3. Dayan,

If I understood, the screen reader stops when someone plays jack? I've tested it and for me it works without problems.

4. hahahaha,

i meen from play jak in 99 game the voice stop and i cant To listen the game sounds

5. Nikola,

Can't reproduce here. Which version of Android? Which browser?

6. hahahaha,

i use android 5 1 1 google croom

7. Nikola,

I don't have that particular configuration as i'm running Android 7.1.2, but try with firefox as back when i used it on Android, it had a much better ARIA support.

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