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1. LaraStardust,

happy 2018, everyone!
Some of you may remember me, or well, younger me, and some of you might not.
For those who don't know me, I'm nate. N A T E. Short for Nathan.
I'm the owner of Nathan Tech, which makes audio games and a mud.
But that's not why I'm writing this post.
I'm actually writing this post to say hello! To greet everyone with a warm handshake, and to wish everyone a happy 2018. Bit late in the day, but, better late than never, eh?
For those who used to know me, well. I am very sorry you know me.
It can't have been easy! :)
I'd like to extend the branch of olives, and say take one, lets sit down and chat, sort out our differences over a cup of the finest british tea, and move it on up!
So yes, if you want to chat, I generally check in at least once a week and am around, if nothing else.

have a garilla!

2. sound2,

Welcome back nathan. Of course I remember you. It's nice to see you back.
You be good.

3. helleon,

You really feel like you can come back now bruv? Mate we exiled you from this place years ago! Lol JK welcome back mate

4. LaraStardust,

I think some people wish they had.
Some of the older folk here remember the teenager, and not the man I am now.
It's worth a try though, right? right? right?

5. Kotoamatsukami,


6. Dayan,

How not to remember you, Nathan. I surely do, and I am sure a lot of people do. Hoping to see you around more often! Happy year 2018. And welcome back! :)

7. majoz,

Hey man! Yeah, I kind of remember you as a not that nice person. Hopin' that it is really how you say with you. It's easier for me to believe that since a lot has changed on everyone I'd guess, including me. So hopin' to talk to ya sometime and see who you truely are! Majoz

8. LaraStardust,

I know if I met me back in the past, I'd probably stick him on block, and put a recommendation into the admins for a ban.
But yes, I've got me a girlfriend now, and run my own mud, and those two things have caused me to grow up rather a lot... It's the girl, bad influence on me, you understand. LOL!

9. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Sufficient said. The fact is no matter how old we are, and no matter how years change, the trials are the ones that will make us better than we were, as much as we hate them.
Welcome back Dardar, I surely remember you. Not to mention that I also used to be the same, but that's probably what everyone were or my english was bad to the extend. I used to go by Albaghdadi and Sajad.

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