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1. Saniel_Morse,

Hi guys!

Now I post this thread in order to share and talk about a game that works online: it's called Desafio Mortal, which means something like Mortal Challenge.
Desafio Mortal is an audio game that works as a first person Sidescroller, where it is possible to perform simple things ranging from navigate through maps or feed your character, to acquire objects, buy your own apartment, perform missions or even kill other players, although this is optional since it is possible to enjoy the game as a pacifist character. However, you are not limited to the features mentioned above.

It's accessible with screen readers and it works for free, its use is simple and if you need help, you can message to the available players in the chat, who can help you to make your life easier or start a new massacre... who knows?

There is a store available that contains various objects to buy for reasonable prices, thus allowing an effective enhancement on the user and also supporting the development of the game itself.

Please note: : a few days ago a trial period began in order to allow players to use the paid items for free, but this will finish starting on Wednesday, March 28, beginning at 8:00 p.m Brazilian time. Inventories of previous accounts will be restored (if a previous backup was stored) and trial items as well as bought apartments on teh trial period will be deleted, so you can buy your apartment again if you need it back.

You can download it from here:
Or you can get it from here, too:
It's free of viruses, trojans or any other malicious software.
If you have any comments, questions, concerns or simply want to discuss about this game, feel free to write a message in this post.
So let's have fun in this awesome game!

Thanks for reading and bye for now.

Latest edition by Saniel_Morse, Mar 28 2018 06:08:55

2. bloodsharp,

good topic, but lol it needs more posters

3. george,

I downloaded and installed this game, but I donät know how to play yet.

4. The-Queen,

It stopped working for me. The server is down it seems.

5. mhr91358,

they created a new game لbattle constint

6. bloodsharp,

what's the link

7. mhr91358,

8. george,

Hello, I tried to download that game, but it didn't work. Has anyone an ideea of what i should search on google, or a valid link?

9. bloodsharp,

10. george,

Thank you so much

11. Minionslayer,

I'm hearing a door closing sound when I try to run BC.exe but no menu or anything. Can I fix this and how?

12. fire-starter,

get rid of cheat engine. i've heard that works

13. Minionslayer,

I have and same result

14. the-supreme-AI,

get rid of cheat engine totally, otherwise, or try reinstalling the game, or something

15. Minionslayer,

I have done both things and I am still not getting a working game

16. the-supreme-AI,

i wonder what's up with it

17. Minionslayer,

Yeah! It's really weird! I tried to check for any hint of Cheat Engine everyware and I can't find anything. I've also tried E-Mailing the provided E-Mail address a few days ago to no avail.

18. the-supreme-AI,

hmmm, if you could add me on ksype, or give me your skype info, you might know me as lkl, so you trust me right? but anyway, if you can ocme on playroom and we'll talk

19. george,

Hey, who know why the server is not running?

20. the-supreme-AI,

it is? let me check

21. george,

Maybe they abandoned it.

22. fire-starter,

a step in the right direction imo

23. george,

Hey guys! It's not funny. I'm not joking, the game doesn't work for me.
What's the solution?

24. fire-starter,

the solution is quit it and play something better that is not cloned or is unbalansed af.

25. george,

oh, ok, so the game is having problems, it is not my ackount or something like that.

26. deathdragon,

the link you added to download the game doesn't work any more.

27. george,

Again, I think it was abbandoned and it will appears with another name over 1-2 months

28. manuelcortez,

Strange. I know a few persons playing there and they were playing yesterday with no issue at all. Are you sure that's not due to an outdated version?

29. deathdragon,

Well, could you send me a link to download the game, the running vertion i mean. thanks

30. manuelcortez,

Get it at Whenever there is a new update you are forced to download it again from the provided link.

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