what is your favourite game?

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1. mhr91358,

hi all, yesterday i was looking on bsg , i found vote what is your favourite game , there was , stw , rtr , crazy party and swamp . stw got the favourite game with 37% , so i want to know your opinions , and no problem if you didn't say any of these

2. george,

Hello! My favourite game is eurofly.
It is a complex flight simulator which is enough realistic aand it's in a continue improving. It would be fun to have more opinions there.

3. everyone,

Crazy Party for sure. And how could you have left out playroom?

4. musiclover,

playroom and rs games

5. mhr91358,

for me , playroom and survive the wild

6. prince-makusu ,


7. dj_wann974,

hello my favorite games it's beat star and eurofly

8. Slavista,

Playroom and hattrick for me.

9. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Wth with this list you're mostly meaning what is your favourite online game. Crazy Party for sure. I love RPG genre for offline in the first place.
Edit: shame on me how did I forget Playroom, the online games platform I spend most of my time on.

Latest edition by Muhammad_Hajjar, May 24 2018 22:44:04

10. Joe-Ragland,

zy party. Other games are autistic.

11. capa-negra,

my favorite game is chess. any way, do you know any accesible board that i could use. I already use winboard and the bord here in the play room. thank you

12. the-supreme-AI,

anyone know how to fix the flight computer in eurofly, cause when i try to use it, pressing control shift k, nothing happens, i can turn everything else on, but not the computer, help me eurofly players and any others that know what to do

13. Nikola,

Perhaps you have a program assignet to that shortcut?

14. the-supreme-AI,

no seriously though, i can't turn it on, and no, i didn't modify nothin

15. Nikola,

I did not even say you modified something. I said you should check if a program has a global shortcut assigned to ctrl shift k. There is no easy way to do that as each program has different settings, but try quitting all apps from system tray and then see if it works.

16. the-supreme-AI,

this isn't from a programme it is from the code

17. bobblyboo62,

my favorite game is chiling ham beacuse you can not get it any more but I got I got it for free it was free for me beacuse I found it on a website

18. the-supreme-AI,

what was the website in question?

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