What's your favorite futboll team?

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1. play_romania1,

For example, i like Dinamo. So... What's your favourite futboll team?

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2. Joe-Ragland,

Favorite? My beloved team is Red Star Belgrade. There are no better fans than we are. We cheer for our team the loudest on the earth.

3. LaraStardust,

liverpool FTW

4. YNWA,

I did once own a football team and was player manager. We never lost a game. I forget how many we played but the team hasn't existed for years now. Quite a few represented the club but I can't recall how many.

5. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Real Madrid

6. george,

I like dinamo Bucharest. We are near our players, we are a team togetter, a familly.
And I like from the all world Real Madrid.

7. play_romania1,


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8. YNWA,

To me you are not a real football fan if you like more than one team! You can watch other teams and even go to matches but never support them. I know many do and their choice but not for me.

9. Joe-Ragland,

I agree with Ynwa, I never could give that much love to any other team but Red star, I do support Liverpool the most after red Star, but it's not that I would cry if Liverpool loses. If you have real emotions for a club it's like with a woman. You can love truely only one.

10. mhr91358,

what teams , local teams or

11. YNWA,

Yes the team I was player manager of was my street team! Part of the reason we were so good is one of our players played at county level, just one level below England youth!

12. riad,

Mine is FC Barcelona without any doubt!

13. Slavista,

As my nick says, my favourite team is SK Slavia Prague.
Anyways have you ever visited any match of your favourite teams? I've visited several matches of Slavia and that was awesome.

14. Daredevil,

I support Melbourne Victory in the Australian "A-League" and Manchester United in the EPL.

15. Joe-Ragland,

I have visited a match of Red Star Belgrade. That was a great experience, we all took off our T-shirts started jumping and throwing them around. Then pyrotechnical party started :D

16. play_romania1,

Ya, i like a lot of teams

Latest edition by play_romania1, Jul 18 2018 19:12:23

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