What bot do you like from here?

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1. play_romania1,

Hi all. What bot do you like from here? I like Calamity Jane and Indiana Jones.

2. riad,

ducks of course! :D

3. musiclover,


4. Cristina,

I like Loser, it is my bro... :D

5. YNWA,

bots are from botswana and I don't think it is nice having a favourite one! some have moaned about my friends in the past but they forget they are hear 24 hours a day and even 25 when the clocks change without having any break. Many have a sore backside after people kick them from tables but they still play on without any complaint to the helpers!

6. Cristina,

What's sad, that they refuse to cheat when we are teaming up with them.

7. sound2,

Botswana? lol, new one. Enjoyable read. I have no favourite since I don't play with any bot on here.

8. everyone,

almost all the Ducks, loser, bugs bunny, space cat, flipper... those are the main ones. I might've forgotten one.

9. Joe-Ragland,

I love all the ducks

10. mhr91358,

i started playing on the forum with ducs, so i love them

11. afrim,

My favourite and definitely the most challenging bot is DR. Jeckle.

12. riad,

I wander if the bot's intelligence level's really different from one bot to the other or if that's the same bot under different nominations.

13. Joe-Ragland,

They are coded the same, just their names are different to make it more interesting. They also could be called bot1 bot 2 etc

14. Dayan,

Yeah, even they were that way in the Albanian side when it was still here, I think...

15. YNWA,

We should have one called rubber duck, hope Aminiel can add that. It was a nickname of a teacher lol.

16. helleon,

Could've sworn we already had one, maybe I was mishearing "Brother Duck" at some point.

17. YNWA,


18. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Yeah I really wonder why don't we have a rubber duck in the list already. Aminiel should've included it :D. Anyways, I hate ducks generally, they're so cocky, they blow their feathers and raise their wings quacking triumphantly when they win, thinking they've done something so big, yet all that they know how to do is to quack and jump with pride, thinking they're the best. Damn all ducks.

19. play_romania1,

And yeah, Botswana does exist in that world, I think that is a country from Africa, I'm not sure.

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