everyone's favorite question!: where are you from?

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1. GailRearden ,

lets show each other how diverse of a groupe we are! so where is everyone from?
I am from the United States california to be exact and how about the rest of you all?

2. wael,

You forgot to say your real name lols. My name is Wael, I'm from Egypt, Cairo.

3. laurita,

i'm Laura. from Lithuania.

4. jukesy1992,

i'm Aaron from the united kingdom. I like the playroom, and I also go by the name of aaron on audiogames.net and klango.

5. Ruan-quo,

Hello everybody,

I am Attila from Hungary. I really would like to correspond with You, (especially with Laurita, if she also wants). My mail adress, where You can write is:
dreamer80@freemail.hu Please send me just a mail adress, and i write You from my private mail.

6. stemilanista,

Hello friends, I'm Stefano, from Italy. my playroom's nickname is: stemilanista.
As you can understand, I'm a supporter of soccer team AC Milan.

7. alsisrj,

Hello people: Mi name is Alsis Raynely, but my friends call me Ray. Im from Dominican Republic, a beautyfull island in the caribe.

8. blake,

Hi. I'm blake from Oklahoma.

9. Igor,

hello all! my name is igor, end playroom's nik is igor. i'm from russia.

10. zseli,

Hello! I'm evangelosz from Budapest, hungary.

11. Soundarya-Pradhan,

Hi all! I am a blind boy of 13 years from India. My name is Soundarya. Full name is Soundarya pradhan. Giving a space in a user name is not allowed, so, I put a dash here. Enjoy!

12. hamidrehzaey,

hello my first name is hamid and last name is rehzaey I like playroom and I am from iran most of my friends plays on playroom and enjoy it thanks a lot.

13. mistic32 ,

Hi! My name is yashua valdez and I am from mexico. I like play room it's fun!Hi! my name is yashua valdez and I am from mexico. I like plarroom it's fun!

Latest edition by mistic32 , Sep 9 2013 04:03:37

14. Piciok,

Hello there!
It's Paweł from Poland here!

15. Jeff-Rutkowski,

Hey there people.
My real name is Jeff Rutkowski and I am from the good old state of Minnesota located in the United States of America.
It does get cold here sometimes but it's a good thing my three-story apartment building has an ample supply of heat.
You can also find me floating around on various TeamTalk servers and of course, here on the playroom most likely playing games like Monopoly, Farkle, Dominoes and sometimes Battleship.
See you on the playroom and, as always, have a fun time.

16. stanito2000 ,

hello friends, I am stanimira from bulgaria my fullname is stanimira-peycheva I am blind2 have a nice time!

17. sweet_selena_2000,

hi my name is petra, I am from bulgaria, but friends call me tanche. I am 12 years old.

18. shatranj ,

hi all.
i am roze from iran.
be happy. bye bye

19. lisa68,

Hi I'm lIsa Hayes from australia

20. sweet_selena_2000,

I am petra from bulgaria of 12 years old. if some wants contact with me, you can find me to my skype lady_lady_7, or can writes me an inbox in the playroom!

21. evalinde,

hi guys I'm from the Netherlands. I'm 22 years old and I always like to chat with new people.

22. aravis,

Hello, my name is Anastasia. it can sound confusing, but i am a russian living in kazakhstan. i find the playroom pretty amazing, and if you see aravis on here, it means that's me.

23. Derrikk,

Hello everyone. My name is Arthur. I'm from Belgium now living in Poland skype is dderrikk for those who want it or play room's inbox.

24. bobo,


i'm bobo, a 60 years old from Geneva, Switzerland

i'm very happy to play here in this platform

25. CaptainCold,

hey there
i am Ali Panjei, from Tehran, Iran
one of my hobbies is playing games, & i like to have lot's of friends
fined me on Skype, yahoo and G talk with this: ali.panjei
have fun :)

26. sparkle98,

i am from israel, and i am 15 years old girl!
i'd like to meet some friends, especially from the USA have fun

27. Everyone,

Hi, I am from the Netherlands. I've been on here for about 2 weeks but it's great especially uno with interceptions.

28. memo94,


i'm memo, a 20 years old from the netherlands, and i'm new on this platform
i like to translate playroom to dutch and creating a team called dutch playroom translation team

Latest edition by memo94, Aug 16 2014 16:25:48

29. afrim,

I am Afrim from Albania as most of you know me.
This platform is great. and what I like mostly is talking with real people on the playroom and not fake ones.


30. sopralto,

I'm Megan from the state of Oklahoma.

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