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1. Undead,

greetings guys, I post this to announce the rental of a swamp account which has the following
1 running shorts, 1 running shoe, a complete set of apronic and low armor, 300 Med kits,, 100 Diesel fuel, and 11000 ammo of each one.
level 685hc. the best offer

2. Pran,

I want it! Please provide rental details

3. wolfi,

i thought advertizing wasn't allowed

4. The-Queen,

Indeed as it's mentioned in "post2" advertising is not allowed and here are the rules in French and in English
• No spam or advertisements
• Pas de spam et de publicité

5. Aminiel,


Ads of this kind aren't allowed on the playroom, and additionally, I'm pretty sure that Aprone don't want accounts to be sold or rent that way. So this topic is closed.

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