a heros call

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1. wolfi,

hey guys, who ever plays a heros call and has a high level character i thought it would be cool if we exchange save files so you can try out different high level classes.
I have a level 40 warrior, a level 50 thief, and a level 25 necromancer.
If you would like to exchane any of your save files with me just send me a message.
Have a good day.

2. StormProductions,

I'd do this with manamon 2 instead. :D

3. godfather,

oh yes yes yes

4. augma,

if anyone wants to exchange manamons2 save file pleas tell me

5. MuhammadHajjar,

Exchange Manamon 2 save files? Why don't you exchange the Manamon themselves? Unless if you're pointing at game progression, unlockables and similar, which is meant to saving you the effort of getting that done.

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