Could be the longest game on PR

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1. Maldalain,

Well, there is a running 99 game. Last time I checked it has been running for 20d15h43m26s! Apparently the player has abandoned his or her computer for long and left the game running!

2. soundarya,

OMG yes
Its the same round in almost the entire duration of the game
Game duration: round: 20d17h44m54s. overall game: 20d17h45m51s.

3. Fawaz,

May be one of the games when server gets bugged at midnight,
try to send him a pm, Momomomo
Unknown or offline player: Momomomo

4. Dayan,

I have seen this player getting this bug another two times. Not sure if it has to be with the server or if really there's a problem with this player. Sometimes it's enough to just tell an admin so they somehow kick him or disappear the table, but that doesn't solve the bug.

5. Alan1003,

that long? Wow!

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