What Are Some of Your Favourite Accessible Game Characters?

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1. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Howdy folks.
Since we’re all taking a break from the chaotic mess that is life, I thought I’d pose a random silly question to the community to keep our brains active and our spirits entertained.
Over the last few decades, the blind have had the opportunity to enjoy a great many games that were either catered to their needs or just happened to be accessible. Unless you’ve been reading your life away, you’ve surely come across at least one or two interesting titles and, hopefully, fallen in love with a character or two that were part of a game. I thought it would be fun if we all shared a couple of our favourites and provided reasons why we just can’t help liking them so much. As for where they might have come from, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you yourself have been able to experience what the game they’re from is like.
To start off this discussion, I’ll try to list some of my top picks. First and foremost, I definitely have a soft spot for Elise Maybelle from “Timecrest”. For those not familiar with this character, she is a mysterious, powerful necromancer who has lived most of her life shrouded in darkness and has the ability to talk to certain few dead people. What I really like about her is that, despite being a seemingly cold and aloof young lady, she turns out to be very appreciative of the main character’s friendliness and honesty and does her utmost to help anyone who does not shun her because of her strange appearance and powers. Secondly, I think that Sessile, the banker from Grizzly Gulch, is adorable, just for that “Yep, so long” line”, but also because he adds so much to the whole western feel of this 2000 classic. Lastly, I know he’s not in the least important to the story, but I have to mention the security guard from Alt Frequencies. He makes a (very brief) appearance when the protagonist visits the fancy club and I think that, regardless of length, he totally nails it.
I could go on, but I am going to stop there for the sake of not putting anyone to sleep with my lengthy posts. Do reply with your own favourite characters below.
Keep well and keep sane.

2. MuhammadHajjar,

One of my favourite charactors is Simeon from A Hero's Call, a thief (yet has good principles) young man that's very cheerful. I love his jokes and sarcastic ways in responding to others, this funny young man maintains his sarcastic personality even in the midst of the difficult circumstances he and his fellow heroes are facing through out their adventures to defeat evil and enemies. Also, I liked king Rusuasu from Shadow Rine for his goodness and the strength of his personality, and when he emerged as heroic in his desperate fight against Rudolph in defending his kingdom, and despite his strength and skill in battling, he died as a hero against the evil villain Rudolph.

3. Saamaan,

I specially like the warlock in blind swordsman. After hearing the blind man's tale and his adventures along the road, he yet refuses to grant him his sight. Although given my optimism and the way I see the life, this character looks to me as a metaphor in which problems hinder your path step by step and with all the dificulties you have faced before, it's best to ready your sword and grip your shield and be ready for the assault!
Other than that, I can't recall the other exact game characters I have liked. I will write more if I do so

4. Maldalain,

The pilot in Three-D Velocity.

5. MuhammadHajjar,

Honorable mentions of charactors that I did admire from Mainstream games: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Dante from Devil may Cry, Steve Burnside from Resident Evil Code Veronica, Astaroth from Soul Calibur, Bakuryu from Bloody Roar, Brad from Altered Beast, uh ... what else? Should be a lot more then that but I don't recall any at present.

6. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Well, if we were to include mainstream games I would say one of the funniest characters and therefore one of my most favourite ones would be Cookie Masterson from the Jackbox games. That guy always cracks me up. Either way, it's nice to see that this has been revived after so long ago. Keep those answers coming. :D

7. lord-of-Lightning ,

the police inspector in the game at the voices end.
love his acsent.
fox in the game temple run 2.

8. Alan1003,

I like the trainer in TDV.

9. facelessghost,

And for me, a very cute character is gven from the a-heros-call game.
I think she is very beautiful and wise!
Vobschem a very cool character with a beautiful voice!

10. Alan1003,

anyone have one of those links that download right away that are in zip files?

11. godfather,

one of my very fav chars is godfather from audiogame called qc playroom. :D more ceriusly, i love clementine from the walking dead game, man sooo wish to this day after s4 has ended that it was made accessible. actually there are more fav cahrs from that series than can count.

12. darth_sidious,

one of my most favorite characters of the audiogames is erron blake?
emh... I don't remember if it was his name xd. he's the protagonist of a blind legend.
Other characters are carla, friend of the protagonist of bk3, simon of paladin of the sky, yabon of manamon... a lot of characters xd.

13. godfather,

manamon? chaos ogma and barren byron for the win? :P

14. Alan1003,

ware do i get bk3

15. MuhammadHajjar,

Yeah Byron is one of the special charactors. @darth_sidious great mentions, yeah the first one is Edward Blake the blind protagonist of A Blind Legend. Also I like Alexandra who's also a protagonist, of The Vale.

16. darth_sidious,

ah, right, edward blacke is his name xd. I don't play a blind legend one year ago, I wasn't remember xd. viron... I don't like viron, it's too arrogant xd. I choose oghma, he is a great villain. for me, hi is the best villain of manamon. it's inclusive bether than octoros!

17. marmarmar,

I have only one favourite character- Elenafrom Shadow Rine.
She died near the top of Gerua volcano, but her soul (like Lilia's and Roorei's) was assimilated with the power of last hope.
Elena was a member of the dragon family.
I really, really love her voice.
I can hear her shouts in battle in the extra room but that's not enough for me.
For this reason, I sometimes play the shadow rine main story despite of the fact that I have unlocked everything there.

18. MuhammadHajjar,

Octoross is psychopathic, while Oghma is more dangerous for sure. Yeah byron is so arrogant person and completely devoid of human feelings. Well there's a reason behind that you Manamon players do know, don't want to spoile it for those who didn't play yet and want to, however.

19. augma,

is byron a robot?

20. darth_sidious,

who like's carla of bk3? personally I think she is a great soldier. she is a nuisance when we are in the stake 11 or 12, but after that we are adapted to walk and don't shoot her... xd

21. MuhammadHajjar,

Carla is nice especially in battling. But it's so annoying when you accidentaly kill her haha. Byron isn't a robot no.

22. Alan1003,

uhm guys? ware do i get bk3, in english i don't speak japanees

23. darth_sidious,

the english translation of bk3 costs 5$ I think. it's a dictionary that you must paste in the bk3 folder, and I have the file but I can't share it here, it's piraky.

24. MuhammadHajjar,

Yeah never attempt to do it. That's definitely a piracy, giving that this file requires you to pay in order to get it. That's not even allowed on this platform. Doing this, besides being it an obvious discouragement to the developer, would also lead you to a questioning exposure from mods and helpers, even if that's done away from the forums themselves.

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