10 years of playroom!

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31. Roshni,

HBD pr.

32. skelligs,

Happy birthday playroom! I discovered the playroom 4 months ago, for me it was an amazing discover. I met many friends there and I learnt to play many games. Since I discovered the playroom I've spent many times there and in my experience it was a great way to avoid getting bored during lock down. Thanks for creating this amazing program / platform!

33. RadioPierpaolo,

Thanks playroom for 10 years I met my friends Ilyas, Charizard and Legolas! Yessssssssssssssss

34. Pran,

Happy birthday Playroom!

I've made this my virtual home since 2018, and I'm sure I'm not moving out for another few decades.

35. GeneralHux,

The only thing I'm thankful for playroom is my best friend, my sister as I think about her. It was 6 years ago when we first met here and since then, our friendship is even stronger. When nothing holds me here, my thoughts about this friendship always connects me back, because I just can't be thankful enough to give this happiness back. Happy birthday, playroom!

36. ultracombo,

congratulations playroom.

37. ChrisCornell,

I've been on this client since 2012 and was introduced to it by some folks on another client. Since then, I have made this my permanent home for playing my favorite games, which allows me to blow off steam after a long day at work. It's fantastic that household name games are uniquely composed on this client in a way that makes them acessible, while maintaining the games' challenge.
Congratulations on ten years of extroardinary excelence! I can't wait to see what another ten years will bring!

38. Qais,

I've been here for 4 years, I have cool friends here, and I love the playroom very much, I install it after installing windows before anything else, Happy birthday to the playroom!

39. jellygirl,

Playroom is the most relaxing place on the Internet, with games, chat and music.... Thanks for that... This message is belated but yeah.

40. Fawaz,

The funny part is that I discovered rs games first,
then I was told about playroom by someone, and I came here but I didn't like it + i didn't know how to control the music and was kinda mess,
then after some time with few friends we learned 1000 miles thats when We started to stay here for a long time.
Then when I learned other games couldn't bear playing any game at all on rs lol.

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