Braille on iOS

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1. Maldalain,

Please helpers, if you think this question is to be asked somewhere, I will totally welcome the removal of the topic.
I am having difficulty maintaining a stable connection between my iPad and iPhone with my Braille display. Each time I am on edit field or editable text the display crashes. I can not input braille or read output text unless I lock then unlock the the iOS device. This is on the latest iOS and iPadOS with HumanWare Brailliant2. Is there any workaround for this? I am proofreading client's documents and have no access to a Windows or MacOS machine.
PS: also my BrailleSense U2 and Orbit Reader have the same issue.

2. Cristina ,

Hey, I am member of a facebook group for deaf and blind people.
There they complained of something similar and said it is due to the ios 14.
Many of them did not updated their ios due to this and also for their dayly need of using braille display.
They are deaf and blind and they can comunicate or work only if they have braille display.
But, if you want, I could ask them and see if they have any tip for solving your problem.

3. Mmarina,

As long as it is in the tea room, nothing wrong with that. Hope you find someone that knows how to solve this.

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