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1. cachondo,


Sorry I haven't posted here sooner, but have much happening at home, baby coming soon!

I just wanted to say what an excellent job you've done with the forum, it's very fast, and I like how we just need one account for playroom and forum both. I'll certainly be donating when finances permit, as you've given us some fabulous times.

2. shalom,

This is awesome!

3. moongazer ,

I agree the playroom is a great place to be and the right place to be!

4. Burak,

How do you make very fast forum? I am wandering.

5. sara_mack,

Hello, this is my first time on the forum, and I like that you need only one account to be on the playroom and be on the forums. A lot of places you need two and it's a pain in the rear. Anyways, thanks

6. Lenka,

This is good forum something like on Klango.

7. ugljesa ,

I like the playroom and this forum, it's very interesting and the forum has a lot of useful things.

8. Lenka,


9. ,

welcome everyone, I hope you enjoy!

10. Lenka,

better than Klango now.

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