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1. helleon,

Hi all, I would like to make a suggestion that is not entirely necessary but that may be useful. It might be of use to have the Playroom prompt you when someone wants you to join a saved table instead of you just being added as soon as the person tries to restore the table. Just because someone is available does not necessarily mean they wish to join your table.

2. YNWA,

I think it is good, a number of times I have turned up to do something else and I find I am at an old game when I have no interest/time in playing it at that particular point. I have said before that it's shocking that people don't communicate enough with each other so these issues would be avoided.

3. supanut2000,

I certainly agree with this suggestion. I at times do not like being dragged into a game that I don't want to play (I don't necessary mind with free tables), though I don't think I can remember a time when something like this happening to me...

4. helleon,

I'm sure I've done it myself - don't get me wrong, granted usually with someone I'm good friends with. But I think there should be a system in place that allows your opponent to reject your request for them to join your table

5. Darkwolf,

Perhaps the system could send an invitation to join a table one was previously at as it does with regular invitations, I'm sure that would be quite easy to implament.

6. Aminiel,


Effectively, you don't have a way to reject the request.
In the original concept, I always assume that the table master first contact the other participants on his own before restoring the table.

This is quite a good suggestion.

However, it isn't as simple as it seems.
I haven't the possibility to add something like this quickly, I need to entirely rethink about the restore process, to make it asynchronous.

To explain it simpler, when the table master makes the request to restore the table, I need to do so that he and the other participants don't immediately join the table.
Currently, the only verification made is that all players are connected and available.

  1. The table master makes the request to restore the table
  2. All players must be connected, available, and have to accept the invitation
  3. If all players have accepted, then they all join the table at the same time
  4. If everybody successfully joined, then the game can continue where it had been left off

IF only one player fails or has refused to join, then nobody should move.

I'll note that somewhere, perhaps I'll implement it at some point, but given the size of the thing, don't expect it soon.

7. YNWA,

For a table to be resumed everybody has to be in the main room at the same time, if they are playing Cribbage for example then it will not be possible to resume a saved table. I understand it is not so easily done to change things immediately so that is no problem. You are correct people should ask people first but people don't do that here, perhaps just bad mannors or just impatient.

8. helleon,

Amanel - appreciate that brother and yeah in an ideal world people should just ask the other participants before restoring anyway

9. deathdragon,

Well, i agree, this has happened to me many times, and it gets annoying. I understand that this will take a long time to make, or at least won't come out soon, but i would love to see it here in the play room.

10. tiny,

hi. i don't support it too much because communicating with strangers who can't speak english even a word will be hard for restoring, or some people might refuse restoring the table all the time so that we can't get rid of our saved tables easily

11. Dayan,

You can get rid of your saved tables pressing del on them, though.

12. tiny,

i ment with continuing games, if so why we should save the tables then! btw, there are many people because of they are not our friends we can't make a communication without restoring directly.

13. Nikola,

To be honest if you cannot communicate directly with them how do you know if they want the table to be restored in the first place? It could be even more weird if they find themselves suddenly in a table and you cannot even explain which game it was.

14. YNWA,

Can't argue with Nikola's point, lol. Also why would you want to save a table not really knowing that person, who may not wish to play the game again. The idea of saving something is because the people you are playing against may be more likely to resume the game.

15. tiny,

i can, lol. the people who join our table are not just our friends, remember. and, communication is not just words, if that person doesn't continue the game for some seconds or something, then the result is, restore it back later!!!

16. YNWA,

That is the purpose of bots but each to their own I guess.

17. Nikola,

If you save when somebody simply does not play, then what makes you think they will play later when you just randomly restore it? In fact they are more likely to just leave the game. The way I view the saving feature is definitely to be used with people who you know at least a bit, or at the very least ask a simple question of whether you should save or restore the game.

18. tiny,

if that person leaves the table, reaction is block. sometimes because of losing their connection they can't play. we don't need to ask a question about saving tables. because our opponent should continue the game. sorry for that guy who makes joke about other's comments, maybe he needs get a conformation with bots for restoring and then asking weather that bot wants to play or not too. so the priority is trying with continuing games, and sometimes more than just one time restoring for quite different reasons.

19. YNWA,

You lose people many times, simple replace them with a bot, keep the table open and replace the bot with them when they return. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill.

20. tiny,

it seems your mind is strong enough to remember all your tables with opponents if doing so, or your just continuing to make your jokes. i'm not that much idle to write people names in a paper or something, :D. we come here to play so the priority should be with continuing games simply.

21. Imani,

this much talk for just a saving table? i don't need it to be even tried because the efferts can hed on more important things, simply leave the table if you don't want!

22. Lemonade,

Let me just ask you this. If you can't remember all the people you are playing with, then why is being able to save and restore worth so much to you in the first place? It's obviously not important enough to write it down somewhere. Basically you're making it sound like you don't want to put in any effort yourself, but you want others to put in a lot of effort to suit your needs.

23. tiny,

no. it takes lot's of time for me to find that person while i'm checking the mainroom, i can remember my opponents with looking on saved tables so that i can realize who i have a save table with. continuing the game which i played untill middle is very important, we put some time to play a game our playing time is important. but anyway maybe that person leaves the table and my personal reaction is block, but if he says i can't continue now, or even shows that without saying nothing, maybe his not available that's ok and i'll save it again and restore it later, but what power said is interesting too, when somebody isn't in your list but you joined some time, when he restored just leave the table or at least ask for restoring later and then if he didn't leave, i'm so wondering how paneful experiences the poster of this topic had about this! that certainly can't be this much annoying! really!

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24. YNWA,

If I am not wrong the original request was to receive a simple message like would you like to resume a saved table? That is much better than finding yourself at a game you may have forgotten about or you don't wish to join at that particular point as people don't always ask first before resuming the table as they should. I don't see how that would have anything to do with solving your issues tiny. You have your reasons why you may choose to save a table and we may agree or disagree but that is up to you.

25. tiny,

that message is better, but it should have a loud sound too. because when we are absent, i mean when we're doing another thing in our computer but also in room, we can understand something is going on.

26. helleon,

Yes Ynwa, quite. My request was that we get a prompt such as "ynwa wishes to restore Mexican Train with you (or you and x, y and z). Would you like to join?" or even "Ynwa is inviting you to a saved table of Mexican Train. Press ctrl+j to join".

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