Some Questions Regarding Mush Client

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1. random_account64,

I know this might be a little off topic considering this forum is primarily about the playroom, but I couldn't find a more appropriate place to post this so I' thought I'd just throw this one in here hoping that someone who is more advanced in mud clients than I am comes across it and fills me in.
So I recently discovered a really excellent mud and have been playing it using their own browser client, which is decent but involves a lot of frantic scrolling that can make gameplay for a screen reader user tiring, let alone slow them down quite considerably. Since this particular mud is rather fast-paced, however, the speed disadvantage is starting to really become an issue. In order to solve that, I have looked into a couple of mud clients and, despite being a COMPLETE beginner when it comes to those things, I decided to download MUSH CLIENT and give it a go. Surprisingly, I managed to connect to the correct mud first try, as well as get mush reader to work almost flawlessly. However, there are a couple of things I'm still trying to get the hang of, and I would truly appreciate if anyone could offer some advice regarding those problems.
Firstly, I am having trouble preventing my screen reader from reading out the output without mentioning some information about my character which I presume is normally displayed at the bottom of the screen. For instance, if I were to type “get chest” in the input box and press enter, what I would get would be something like “area wildland gold 10 chapter 13 you pick up a chest”. I have played around with the different check boxes that I assume display or hide various bars the exact function of which I am not aware of, however this does not appear to change anything what so ever.
Secondly, although I believe having the output read out aloud to screen reader users is an excellent idea, I feel that it would be great if there was a way to capture or review it after it has been spoken. I have tried a variety of plugins whose description or title seemed promising, but I don’t think that got me anywhere. These include the capture mud output as well as the history channel plugins. I would be grateful if somebody could explain the proper function of either of those or suggest an alternative method.
Lastly, I found that aliases, triggers and key macros could make life a lot easier, however I am not sure how to set them up. Is there a certain command that I need to issue, or could this be done by interacting with a certain menu option?
Like I said, I am totally new to this particular client, hence why the answers to some of my questions might be absolutely obvious. If you have the solution to any of the above problems feel free to reply to this post. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

2. Lemonade,

sounds like that's something from the game itself. You might want to find a way to turn off your prompt. Unless there exists a soundpack that gags it or turns it into more useful information.

3. random_account64,

@Everyone Thanks, looks like the prompt was what was causing this. I've been told the client would make it show up before every line, which is wierd but hopefully gagging it stopped this ridiculous amount of irrelevant info getting displayed. Still curious about the output thingy though.

4. sound2,

Hi, have had similar problems. I think it's something to do with the game itself. I do agree the ability to paste something or to review the game history would be useful. I haven't used mush client in a long time. Hopefully there willl be some more answers.

5. random_account64,


6. Undead,

ctrl+8 triggers
ctrl+9 alias
ctrl+2 macros
x take a card= dormir
that is, when x takes a card goes to sleep

alias: alias=dormir action say I'm going go to sleep, say hello

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