Is the timer in uno no longer working with bots?

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1. Nikola,

Hello, i used to remember this working, so can anyone reproduce that the time no longer works in uno at least with bots? And i don't mean that bots don't have a limit that's normal, rather that even for you it's unlimited.
Edit: It does actually work, but there is a bug. When the bot plays a wild draw four, even if you draw the time doesn't move. Don't know is that also with real people and is it intentional.

Dernière édition par Nikola, 10.07.2017 01:41:36

2. Dayan ,

Indeed, not working at all. Anyway I guess it's fair enough, as bots can always play in time, however, it was useful as a practicing thing for some players I guess.

3. HVACSalesman,

I have always played Uno with bots and have noticed that when human or bot plays a wild and/or wild draw four, that the time limit clock stops. It was like that in the prior version of the client, too. I never said anything about it because I figured that it was set up that way on purpose.

4. Nikola,

Well it's not really client related the server handles that, but it might be on purpose i am not sure about that.

5. Fawaz,

How it stops you mean? like in 4 seconds if someone didn't choose the color should be chosen automaticly?

6. Nikola,

Hello, no i actually mean a different thing. At least with bots, even when a bot chooses the color the timer doesn't continue. Draw cards, the time still doesn't exist until you play your turn.

7. Fawaz,

I guess thats only with bots, if playing normally the only way to stop the timer is save and restore, as far as i know.

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