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1. targutay,

hi there.
I'm from turkey.
the playroom don't have a turkish.lng
the turks are using nvda dictionary for turkish playroom.
I want to translate to turkish the playroom for they.
and I want to add to the playroom client.
how can I do that?
please help me.
best regards.

2. Nikola,

Hello. Same situation is in Serbia. We have created screen reader dictionaries since a long time, and people use them to play, but it is far from ideal, not to mention that you never know when a string has changed until you discover it no longer works the way it's intended to. Even if we avoid all technical problems, people just can't chat normally because they do not speak English and prefer their own server, not to mention the fact they can't enjoy games like quiz, the little exam or even things which are more complex to translate via dictionaries like citadels. We hope that one day translations will be possible, but so far it seems to be going nowhere even if we have been told several times that the team will discuss it. Hopefully both Turkish and Serbian will come one day, and best of luck to you.

3. Giovani,

Problem is, if I know correct, that You will have to know French language. Problem is, that first word language is English, not French. Second is Spanish, but after that is French. I have sayd, that It'll be good idea, if main admin allows to translate playroom from English, not from French.

4. ilyas,

oh yeah, and also arabic. from english to all languages

5. supanut2000,

I certainly agree, the admin should allow the translation from English into other languages. I personally do not know enough French to be able to translate from French into another language. Would be nice if Playroom could be translated into Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

6. Rory101,

how many players would we actually gain though? I mean, look at the german server for example. it sometimes has, 2 people on it? maybe 3?

7. Giovani,

Also, there are german speakers, who knows French, for example in Switzerland and some areas nearby Germany in France, in Belgium and Luxembourg too.
German is not world language, It is european language. But world languages are:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Try read this list again and notice, that first is ofcourse English. Also, We'll like to get on this, where are those languages spoken, where are studied and also, using of language too. Due to this It will be good to allow people translating playroom from English, Spanish, or French, not just French.
I don't write now, in which areas those languages are spoken (or were spoken), but It is good to think on It. Another important languages may be Chinese (Mandarin) and Arabic.

8. Nikola,

Sorry, but statistics in this case don't matter. How can they let someone translate from Spanish if none of the administrators speak Spanish? Here you can do it from French, so it of course makes sense since the administrators speak French as their native language. I was saying that it should be possible to do it from English too, simply because their English is perfectly understandable as well, and it is most certainly at a level high enough for some explanations to translators about the interface and to provide appropriate instructions and communicate well enough. I had several discussions with Aminiel, both on here and on the audiogames forum to see that his English is not bad at all. Whether this will happen one day or not I don't know. I know only that we will be ready in case it is ever possible and that you can contact me in case this changes. It would be nice if you discussed with the rest of the team about this, especially now since due to unfortunate situation in the world we are all at home, we would of course have a lot of time to devote to the Playroom translation.
In regards to the player base, I have already commented severl times about this. You can compare it to German, but why not to Spanish and Italian which are both quite successful? Even Portuguese is doing pretty well. And after all, even if German doesn't have so many players right now, you never know what might happen in the future. Keeping a language and having one more translation doesn't do any harm, it can only do good. Of course, a final thing to note is that by doing it, you will solve one of the problems in the English part. When there is no translation available, as you of course know, people go to the English part by default. Thus, naturally, if you don't speak English you will try to communicate in your own language. Obviously, that way there is no way to successfully moderate.
So, I perfectly understand that you would like to ensure successful communication with your translators without any issues, but I'm pretty confident this can be achieved in English without any problems. If anything, as I have also mentioned in the past, I have worked with several developers who spoke English much worse than the Playroom staff, and translations were perfectly managed.
I hope to hear some positive change with this issue. Stay safe.

9. SametAlim,

it's really a capitalist thought.
nobody has to know french.
and no one has to play this game in french or english.
Let us translate from English into our language.

10. Giovani,

I don't know, if It is capitalist. It'll be good to ask Aminiel about It.
We know, that he is from swiss canton, where French is spoken, but really, there are many Turks and Gameroom is not translated to Turkish. Some of those can't speak english language.

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