Week 5, Uno league 2017-2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

these are the match's of week 5:

Fawaz V Keywasful.
Fawaz V Dalibor.
Fawaz V Bastibasti.
Fawaz V Cristina.
MagicalKrrish V Guliwer.
MagicalKrrish V Cristina.
MagicalKrrish V ecstasy girl.
Yazan V Bastibasti.
Yazan V Claudiu.
Yazan V Cristina.
Nikola v Waternymph.
Nikola V Me-me.
Nikola v Trixabella666.
Waternymph V Bastibasti.
Waternymph V Badgirl.
Dalibor V Angelina-princess.
Dalibor V Everyone.
Angelina-princess V il_bell_ragazzo
Angelina-princess v Adventure-time.
Everyone V Policeman1.
Everyone V flavyanu.
Guliwer V Flavyanu.
Guliwer V Ecstasygirl.
Bastibasti V marina7.
Claudiu V il_bell_ragazzo
Claudiu V keywasful.
il_bell_ragazzo v badgirl.
Badgirl v keywasful.
Keywasful V Marina7.
Me-me V Policeman1.
Marina7 V Flavyanu.
Midomido V Mayank.
Ecstasygirl V ashraf.
Mayank V ashraf.
Me-me V Adventure-time.
Claudiu V Mayank.
Marina7 V Trixabella666.
Trixabella666 V Ill_bello_rigazo.
Policeman1 V Ashraf.

If any queeries or questions feel free to contact me.

Enjoy and all the best.

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2. Ashraf,

Only 2 matches for me?

3. Adventure-Time,

I also seem to have just two.

4. BellaCat6666,

It still says week 4. He said greetings all, these are the matches for a week for when he means week 5 LOL

5. Cristina,

Lol Bella, he said: "Greetings all! These are matches for week 5"

6. Nikola,

It indeed was week 4 but the post has been edited. In any case i would advise all players to disable privacy options during the league so we don't have to send requests to them.

7. BellaCat6666,

Best of luck to everyone this week, and not just everyone. I mean everyone LOL hahaha smile

8. midomidomido,

i found only 1 match for me!

9. MagicalKrrish,

hey sorry, adventure and mido, your other match's are as follows:

Adventure-time V badgirl.

Midomidomido v Guliwer.

Midomidomido V EcstasyGirl.

And Ashraf you have 3 match's lol.

If any questions feel free to contact me.


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