week 1, Uno league 2017-2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all!

Finally the moment is here. We are officially launching the Uno league 2017-2018. this is expected to last for 3 months utmost. Apology for the delays, we got caught up in different duties and had to get some logistics into place before we could carry out this big event.
Twenty-five players were slected for this seasons Uno league and we are hoping to have some great fun and full of excitements.


  1. Please players be aware you got to communicate with your aponents and play the match's any time during the whole week in the time which is suitable to both of you. Only drop the hystry to me and fawaz. we need the results only but in case of any miss uses we might need the hystories.
  2. failed to play matches will be played on every Saturday at at a fixed time that is 9:00am western, 11:00am central, 12:00pm eastern, 5:00pm UK 6:00pm egypt, albania and some other countries, 7:00pm turkey and middle east and some europian cities, 9:30pm in india, 12 pm in Japan, 3 am in Fiji and other pacific Island countries.
  3. If only you are not able to play your match's during the week then we will be there on every Saturday to host the match's for you and if the aponents do not turn up before and during the completion of others match's then the match point will be awarded to one who is present so that we can move clearly to week 2.
  4. As for the rules, There will be a 5 seconds time limit with score fixed to 400 points, other rules are as usual:
  5. - no skipping allowed after drawing, +2 and +4 responses,straights,interceptions, super interceptions, blufs. Please do put all this required rules as we'll be checking hystories.
  6. I'll strongly recommend that give the mastership of the table to those players who got secure connections so that he can take the required actions if in case a player gets disconnected.
  7. Your friends are welcome to wahtch your match's when ever you run them and as well as other spectators.
  8. We will be updating the points every week on an excell and give the link for the players to view it. The player with the most amount of point after the two rounds will be declared the winner.

Please read the rules above before seeing your match ups.

these are the match's of week 1:

Fawaz V yazan.
Fawaz V Eirin.
Fawaz V il_bell_ragazzo
Everyone V Ashraf.
MagicalKrrish v Afrim.
MagicalKrrish v trixabella6666.
MagicalKrrish v Jscholes.
Everyone V Eirin.
Yazan V vojvoda
Yazan v Jscholes
Yazan v Eirin.
Vojvoda v Angelina-princess.
Vojvoda v Undertaker.
Afrim v Dalibor.
Afrim V guliwer.
Dalibor v Adventure-time.
Dalibor V Me-me.
Angelina-princess v Bastabasti.
Angelina-princess V Marina7.
Marina7 V midomidomido.
Adventure-time v H-m-c-z
Midomidomido v Badgirl.
Guliwer v Badgirl.
Marina7 v il_bell_ragazzo
Guliwer v Undertaker.
Jscholes V Dalibor.
Everyone V Cristina.
Cristina V trixabella666.
Policeman1 V H-M-C-z
Keywasful v H-M-C-z.
Keywasfull v Ashraf.
Me-me v Trixabella666.
Undertaker V Badgirl.
Keywasfull V bastabasti.
Policeman1 V Bastabasti
Policeman1 V Adventure-time.
Ashraf V Jscholes.
Cristina v il_bell_ragazzo
Please note maximum number a player should play each week is 3 but sometimes you might be required to play 1 extra match so that we can finish within the required time phrame. We will also have a two weeks of breaks to cater for christmas and new year in case of any family commitment.

For any questions and queery please feel free to contact me or Fawaz.

Best regards,

All the best,

Uno League team.

2. marina7,

looking forward!

última alteração por Mayank , 16.10.2017 05:16:11

3. MagicalKrrish,

Hey guys,

For the hystory part you can always send me only the game view, rather than the whole hystory which might become too much for ust to read. So simply just press alt+2 and f9 and copy the current game view and paste it in my and fawaz's inbox which will make work easier for us.

Best of luck.

4. Mistressbella666,

so does that mean it doesn't start till next saturday?

5. Kotoamatsukami,

No, your matches you organize yourself with your opponents, if you don't manage to do that then you play on saturday all matches that you did not manage to play that week.

6. Adventure-Time,

Fantastic news! Thanks for the information & best of luck to everybody.

7. MagicalKrrish,

Hey guys,

just bare in mines that Undertaker has been replaced with claudiu. So all the match's of undertaker will be played by claudiu so invite him for the match's from now and on wards.

Kind regards,


8. dalibor,

undertaker scared

9. StormProductions,

Ah? What did you meant by undertaker scared? Is he/she scared to play in the tournament? :D

10. dalibor,

haha surre

11. MagicalKrrish,

Hey guys,

Please bare in mines the match's of week 1 shows you will play with a player once not twice. You will face them again but only after the completion of first round and then we will start the 2nd round. SO Play a player once and drop me and fawaz the results.

I hope that is clear.

Kind regards,


12. Kotoamatsukami,

I think also some players did not understand that they should play 3 matches per week not only one

13. Badgirl,

I don't come so often, but I never could meet midomidomido nor Claudiu. I can be here tomorrow afternoon so I still hope to catch them.

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