Belote tournament results

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1. Cristina,

Greetings all!

First, I would like to congratulate Angelina-princess and Ariana for becoming the winner team of the third belote tournament which was organized on the English section of playroom.

I am delighted to say that Ariana has joined this tournament as beginner and achieved such a performance.

The tournament did not start well for them, because they lost the first match but due to the difference of scores which has broke the tie in their group, they got the first place. they passed through all the stages having a fantastic luck.
Well done girls, keep it up!

It was a really nice and exciting tournament, despite the fact, we could not conclude on the scheduled date.

Unfortunately something unexpected has come up and due to it there was one day delay.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience, without these the tournament would have been messed up in the middle of it.

I would also like to talk a bit about each stage because there were many surprises and great matches.

In group A, Policeman1 and genti could not make it for quarter-final. It was the first surprise, because both of them are experienced belote players.

In group B, Ofelia and Andreiuta were pushed out because in this group was a tie and they were not lucky enough to get a higher difference of scores.

In group C Taper and myself lost both matches, because our opponents were really lucky and played well.

In this group was the nicest score of the tournament. Nicolae01 and Catalin played Alesia and Furki, they lost to ladies, score: 1082 to 1084.

In group D was the biggest surprise, Guliwer and MagicalKrrish missed to qualify for the next stage, although they’ve played well, but their luck was not generous with them at that time.

In quarter-final, we had surprises and nice matches, but that unexpected problem almost messed up everything, because Aurel could not continue to play and at this level it was impossible to replace him.

Sadly, his partner had to accept the fact and the victory was awared to the opponent team.

The matches of quarter-final were as follow:

Alesia Furki vs Kirik-kampler Ahdevefa

Angelina-princess Areyana vs Nicolae01 Catalin

Waternimph Undertaker vs Marina7 Fawaz
The fourth match was awared to Nicola and Bastibasti due to the reason mentioned above.

In semi-final, Alesia Furki played Angelina-princess Areyana, the second mentioned team won the match.

The other semi-final match was: Marina7 Fawaz vs Nicola Bastibasti, the first mentioned team won it.

The final match was played by Angelina-princess Areyana and Marina7 Fawaz.
Both teams played very well but the luck of winner team was unbeatable even if Marina7 and Fawaz tried and made their best.

It was a pleasure for me to asist their match, because it was a smooth one and both teams showed respect to each other and proved fairplay.

Congratulations, well done guys!

In conclusion, we had another nice and exciting tournament, there was no absentee and many thanks you all for your participation.

Kind regards, Cristina!!!

2. MagicalKrrish,

Congratulations to the winners, and well done cristina for this tournament.

3. policeman1,

Thanks for the tourney and looking forword to next time.

4. Cristina,

Yes, yes, get ready, next year, heart tournament. smile

5. Angelina-princess,

Well done tournament with your organization sis!
We're very happy to be the champions. This is the first time for both of us since I've started to participate bellot tournament.
Very excellent dear Aryana, the luck smiled with us and you also did well! :)
Thank you very much and looking forward to the next tournaments. :)

6. Areyana,

hey dear cristina thanx for organizing the grate turney that was my only sweet match i have ever played til now, thanx for letting me learn this nice game , also for bing paitient ! and also a big thanx to my lovely partner anjelina i fully know i wasn't enough good on that but for me was enjoyable match , then again thanx and all the best to all friends!

7. Nikola,

Congratulations to the champions and to Cristina for organising this tournament! I know it is a hard task and it was a lot of fun to participate and aim for the best results.

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