2018 heart tournament results

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1. Cristina,

Hello everybody!

I am delighted to announce that the 2018 heart tournament has concluded yesterday evening and Balasana is the champion of it!

Please guys join me to congratulate her, she fully deserves it for her great performance, winning all the matches and getting always the first place.

In the final match competed against each other: Balasana, Cattalin, Undertaker and Doubletrouble911.

It was a very good game where all the players did their best and played well, but Balasana’s vigilance and luck made her to keep her final score of 28 points during 3 rounds and to get the great victory.

In the seventh round she has shooted the moon, and that made her to succeed and to become the 2018 heart tournament champion.

She played very well so congratulations again and thanks for taking part in this competition.

Well done, try always to win against men as you did in that final match! Smile!

The second place was gotten by Cattalin, having a score of 30 points, with only 2 points higher than Balasana’s score.

It was a great achievement of him, because he has joined the tournament as beginner, but succeeded to get the second place in all the games he has played. In the first round of the tournament he played against Marina7, Waternimph, and MagicalKrrish, in the second, he played against Waternimph, Policeman1 and Undertaker.

Undertaker got only the third place in that final match, having a score of 37 points. He has played against Angelina-princess, Chips and Policeman1 in the first round of the tournament, getting the second place. In the second round of it, he got the first place, he has played against Policeman1, Cattalin and waternimph.

Doubletrouble911 got the fourth place, having a score of 69 points, although he has played quite well in the first 2 rounds of the tournament, getting always the second place when played against Alesia, Aurel and bastibasti, then against Balasana, Me-me and Aurel.

Congratulations, well done guys and thank you for taking part in this tournament!

There were some interesting matches, all the players who participated in this tournament have played quite well.

We had some nice or less nice surprises, some players could not make it to the second round. Were also some tense moments, when we actually could not know who will get the second place, for making it to the next round.

It was very exciting and personaly, I have enjoyed a lot to assist those matches.

Thank you all for your participation and for respecting the schedule of your matches. There was not absentee nor any problem, therefore we had a smooth, succesfull, nice tournament again!

Wishing you all the best, Cristina!

2. policeman1,

That was a great tourney! thanks for christina and keep up your hard work in organizing all this outcomes!.

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