2018 spades tournament

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1. marina7,

Hello! AjsNigrutin (known as Vojvoda) and I are organizing a spades tournament, we’ll be glad if you join us, make sure to find your teammate because it’ll be a team tournament! However if you couldn’t you can message us and we’ll try to find you one.
Without further talk, the format is as follow: 3 rounds, the score will be fixed to 400 points progressing each round by 50 points.
The first round consists of 12 teams , and they’ll be divided into 4 groups, 3 teams each group. Each group will play each other which means every team will have 2 matches. And top 2 will be qualified.
Note to try to get as much points as possible because if there is a tie we’ll take the biggest difference of points.
In the second round, players will be ranked according to their scores, 1 will play 4 and 2 will play 3.
And finally the final round which will determine the winner.
The tournament will take place next weekend (Saturday and Sunday 10th&11th) starting at 4:00pmGMT in both days.
If you’re interested to join, reply to this post or contact AjsNigrutin or myself, marina7, privately.
best regards

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2. policeman1,

sign me up please thanks!.

3. SmilingHawaiian ,

hi, I'm new here, so it's kind of hard for me to find a partner. but if you could find one for me. I would like to play.

4. musiclover,

can i beput in

5. andkuk,

my partner is gromovnik not dzoni

6. blaise,

what is the country your time is based? US??
thanks in advance for the response.

7. Kotoamatsukami,

It's 4:00 PM UK time

8. me-me,

dare to not count me in . lol

9. nicolae01 ,

hello , I'm looking for a partner for the tournament spades , thank you .

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10. swordsman,

hello , participate.

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11. blaise,

i ame interrested to participate in this tournament, but i dont have a partner.

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