Hello: I’m looking to start a quiz party tournament: 20 seconds thinking time matches to 15 points.

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1. Redbox5,

Message me with what times would work for you this or next weekend and maybe we can get something going

2. musiclover,

ithink that think thats cool one ocolock p.n

3. Horsecrazy,

I’m in !...just in the day please and hopefully I don’t have a race then

4. Redbox5,

How about tomorrow at 12 pm eastern

5. RadioPierpaolo,

I would like to participate! My playroom ID is RadioPierpaolo.

6. Redbox5,

Here are the matches
Redbox5 v radiopierpaolo
Horsecrazy v musiclover
See you guys at 12 PM Eastern
6 PM Italy
Update as of 1 PM eastern: 7 PM Italy
If no one shows up by 3 PM eastern: 9 PM Italy, this term it will be postponed to Friday at Time TBD
Update as of Friday
We are going to put this on hold until we can find a suitable time works for everyone

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