The second stage, Belote league ranking

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1. Cristina,

Hello everybody!

Except one match for which we had to take an improvised decision, all the matches were played for the second stage of belote league, the amount of points gathered by every team, the number of played matches and the ranking are written in the list below:

1. Nicolae Jose: 44, (12 matches)
2. Waternimph ajsnigrutin: 41, (12 matches)
3. Qedirgencero Umut-cicegi: 36, (12 matches)
4. Me-me Undertaker: 32, (12 matches)
5. Magicalkrrish Guliwer: 26, (12 matches)
6. Catallin Claugiu: 25, (12 matches)
7. The-raven SmilingHawaiian: 25, (12 matches)
8. Chips Aurel: 24, (12 matches)
9. Dragos Victor11: 24, (12 matches)

  1. Nicola Bastibasti: 21, (12 matches)
  2. Cristina Taper: 16, (12 matches)
  3. Blacktina Genti: 12, (12 matches)

Unfortunately, we’ve encountered some unwanted and unexpected issues we had to deal with and due to them, we were forced to implement one more rule.

One team had withdrewn from the league, Andreiuta Vero is that team.

They've played some matches and due to it we could not cancel their other matches. Every tea, which they should have played with, will get 6 points.

Some players did not show up to play their scheduled match even if they were informed with one day before. Only one player showed up of each team which had to play, in this case it is impossible to apply the rule of league referring at absentee, because belote is a team game and we can not awarde the points to any of those two teams.

Therefore we’ve implemented one more rule which is:
When only one player of each team will show up to play their scheduled matches, the points will be awarded to nobody and those matches will be canceled.
Belote is a team game and the rules for the league were made for each team and not for the players who take part in.

Therefore we can not apply them per players, we can just per team.

We always make our best to inform each player on the time, so please be more respectfull to us, organizers and players you have to play with.

We did not force anybody to take part in this league, all the players have signed up on their own.

So please be more responsible and try to not bother our good organizing, because our goal is to have entertainment watching all the good matches you play, and not to have penalised teams.

Kind regards, belote league team!

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