Final results, Belote league 2018

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1. Cristina,

Greetings all!

I would like to announce, the belote league 2018 has just concluded yesterday.

It took less time than we’ve expected and planed, just because all the players were nice and agreed to play all their matches as we asked.

It was necessary to shorten the period of league, because an unexpected planning has come up and I will be quite busy in april. Therefore I would have not been able to take care of league in that period

Many thanks to all the participants for their understanding and big effort they put in.

Without all these, the league would have not been completed in just 4 weeks, what is quite impressive, because it was a huge challenge for all of us, organizers and participants as well.

Belote is a team game as all of us know, it was a huge challenge to organize league of this game, because there are different timezones.

I dare to say, this is the main factor we have to deal with, when we are planing to organize a tournament or a league of any team game.

We tried our best to be as flexible as possible, but I have to admit, it was not very easy, because of unwanted and unexpected issues which appeared during the league.

But all what matters now, it is that the belote league 2018 had concluded successfully.

Many congratulations go to Nicolae01 and Jose, whose team won the Belote league 2018, becoming the champions of it.

They’ve won 18 games of 24, made 12 matches, gaining an amount of 78 points.

The second place was taken by Vojvoda’s and Vojvotkinja’s team, they’ve gained an amount of 73 points.

The third place was taken by Quedirgencero’s and Umut-cicegi’s team, they’ve gained an amount of 68 points.

Well done and many congratulations to all of them!

In the list below is the ranking of this Belote league:

1. Nicolae01 jose: 78 points

  1. Vojvoda Vojvotkinja: 73 points
  2. Quedirgencero Umut-cicegi: 68 points
  3. Catallin Claudiu: 62 points
  4. Dragos Victor11: 58 points
  5. MagicalKrrish Guliwer: 56 points
  6. Chips Aurel: 53 points
  7. 8: Undertaker Me-me: 47 points
  8. Taper Cristina: 42 points
  9. Nicola Bastibasti: 40 points
  10. SmilingHawaiian The-raven: 36 points
  11. Genti Blacktina: 26 points

Well done everybody and thank all of you for your participation in this competition!

Also thanks nIcolae01 and Catallin for helping me in this league!

Till next time, I wish you all the best!

Cristina smiles!

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2. play_romania1,

greetings for the winners!

3. the-raven,

congratulations with the win and thank you for a nice and enjoyable league!

4. Nikola,

Congratulations to the champions and to Cristina for organizing a great league, it was a pleasure to take part.

5. laila.ali,

big congrtulation for Nicolae01 and Jose

6. MagicalKrrish,

Congratulations for the top getters, and well done organisers.

7. Kotoamatsukami,

Congratulations for the winners, it was fun to play. Just it was not fair at all to give us the last match which could make me and my teammate champions, from that match we got just 6 points and did not have possibility to take few more points to be the first.

8. Cristina,

Maybe you would have taken more points, or less, or nothing, you never can know.

You already know the reason, why those points were awarded to your team.

Therefore it was not another choice.

Rules are rules, that's all.

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