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1. YNWA,

Dear all

In the playroom usually we chat, play games, listen to music and sometimes we may do something else. This time thanks to Magicalkrrish's help I am delighted to announce the launch of the 2018 World Cup prediction league.


During 2014 Badgirl came to me with a suggestion and that was to try to predict the scores for all the games of The 2014 World cup in Brazil. It turned out to be a lot of fun and Badgirl won. IN 2016 I added a few more people, and Snowflake won THE Mini prediction league for Euro 2016 in France. This time Magicalkrish will not only participate but will kindly co-host the prediction league for Russia 2018. I am not sure how many of you would like to take part but as this is not a tournament we don't have to set numbers.

You do not have to be an expert in football to play this game. The game is for fun so We will not add too many rules.

You are asked to predict the scoreline of all the games in the first round and we will get back to you for predictions in the second round, Quarter, semi and Final games. your predictions have to be in before the kick-off of the first game of each round. You will not be disqualified if you fail to give us your predictions by the deadline for each round we set but if you do not hand in your predictions in time you will score 0 points for that round.


We are asking you to tell us what you think the score will be for each game. You will gain either 3 or 1 point depending how accurate your prediction is.

correct score =3 points
Correct result =1 point
Incorrect score/result =0 points.

You only get points for predicting the score and nothing else is required. We do not want to know who scored any of the goals.

If we use the first game as an example.

Russia v Saudi Arabia

YNWA believes Russia will win that game.

Russia v Saudi Arabia

YNWA thinks Russia will win 4-0

If you write your prediction like that then that will help us a lot.

If Russia draw YNWA gets 0 points
If Saudi Arabia win YNWA gets 0 points
If russia win but with a differen score to YNWA's prediction YNWA gets 1 point
If Russia win 4-0 YNWA gets 3 points.

The person with the most points at the end of the tournament will win the prediction league.

To register for the prediction league pleas contact Magicalkrrish/YNWA. We will send you the fixtures and help you if you need any help.

All we can do now is wish you the best of luck


magicalkrrish and YNWA

2. Kotoamatsukami,

Where is football, there I am.

3. YNWA,

Good to hear, anybody interested can send a message to YNWA' OR magicalkrrish's in-box. Remember you don't have to be an expert in football to play.

We just want people to put for example:

YNWA thinks then your prediction. 6 of us did it in 2016 and this time thank's to Magicalkrrish we are able to offer it to more people. Remember it is just for fun. Not sure who has more chance, England winning the World cup (you can laugh) or me winning the prediction league after failing so badly in the previous tournaments.

última alteração por YNWA, 10.05.2018 13:09:10

4. Slavista,

Great idea, i am hardly interested to participate. Anyways, i have a question: Is the deadline of all results before the first match or will we predict the results day by day?

5. YNWA,

In an ideal world we would ask after each set of games at the group stages. We will ask for predictions for the last 16 games, the quarter-finals, Semi-finals, the playoff/final fixture. That means we ask you 5 times to predict matches, extending that to 7 times may prove too much for some.

We are trying to keep the prediction league as simple as we can to enable more people to play. I can tell you it is a very fun game. I did it with 6 and keeping up to date with everything while enjoying the world cup will prove to be a great challenge. Fortunately MagicalKrrish will prove to be a massive help this time around. I know we will both enjoy this league and we hope many others will enjoy this friendly competition.

Magicalkrrish and YNWA

6. Slavista,

Ya, now understand, thanks for explanation.

7. mhr91358,

i want this game , please ?

8. YNWA,

Mhr91358 we have added you.

We will soon send out the fixtures so you all can make your predictions in time for the World cup.

Several people have a pplied to take part in this very fun and interesting tournament and we can only wish you the best of luck.

If you need any help don't hesitate to ask YNWA or Magicalkrrish for help.


Magicalkrrish and YNWA

9. rand-Althor,

i would like to participate in the game. Thanks

10. MagicalKrrish,

You are welcome. All the best.

11. YNWA,

We have sent out the World Cup fixtures to everybody taking part. At last count 13 which is very interesting. The deadline is 12th June and the first game is 14th June. This should give people enough time to make your predictions and give us enough time should you have any problems. There will be less time but less fixtures during the next rounds.

People can still take part as there is still time for people to make their predictions so if you still wish to play you are most welcome.


Magicalkrrish & YNWA

12. musiclover,

i sent myne to krish

13. balasana ,

Once I have submitted my bets, am I allowed to change them before the related matches?

14. YNWA,

Yes it is possible to change them after you have sent in your predictions providing it is before the first game on 14 June.

15. Everyone,

Sure why not. Send them over and I'll try not to fail too badly.

16. renatto,

count me in

17. YNWA,

You are both added. We should also say good luck to all those taking Part.

18. Merlin,

Can you deal me in please

19. YNWA,

Yes I should have sent them yonks ago!

20. renatto,


21. YNWA,

Still plenty of time if people want to take part in the prediction league, as the doors are still wied open.

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