Results of Uno World cup, 2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all!

It is my pleasure to anounce the winner of the Uno world cup, 2018. The title was taken out by Redhawk! He had mix results during the play offs but he gained momentim as he reached to knock out stages. He was too strong for his aponent in the final beating Fawaz and leaving Fawaz to settle for 2nd place. Other top 4 getters were Mayank and Stenaldo. Congratulations to the top achievers.

I would like to thank all the 32 participants and those who replaced the ones, who didn't turn up on time. Thank you as a whole. Special thanks goes to the table masters for the group stages and to my co-organiser, Fawaz who helped me through out the Tournament and in the pre-Plan of the tournament.

I personally enjoyed the tournament over the weekend and I hope all players and participants enjoyed. also. All tournaments comes with lessons and this can be inprooved in future organised tournaments.

Feel free to drop in your thoughts about the organising. Once again huge congratulations to Redhawk for becoming the champion and till the next time.

This is Krrish saying good luck for the rest of the year.

Uno team.

Krrish and Fawaz.

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2. YNWA,

Well done and see what happens when I don't predict you Fawaz, lol!

3. policeman1,

congrats to the champion! Greatest organization for awesome tourney. Keep onn your hosting skills!.

4. Kotoamatsukami,

LOL you should have written what country he supported, congratulations big red guy

5. YNWA,

Did he win that country as prize? ahahahah

6. Kotoamatsukami,

I guess he should say Russia haha

7. Cristina,

Good job guys!
My congratulations go to organizers, who provided us again such an enjoyable tournament and to redhawk, who was a true bird of prey. lol
It was a fun for me to host matches, then to replace an absentee and play 3 matches one after other.
My opponents would have had not any chance if I wasn't so nice and let them win. :D :D

8. Mayank ,

Great work with the tournament guys. congratulations to the hawk.

9. musiclover,

conngrats to the orginisers for such a fun turniment hope to be in more in the fueter

10. StormProductions,

Nice spelling, @ musiclover. Just sayin'

11. musiclover,

sorry i am bad at spelling

12. bloodsharp,

guys, who cares how she spells, seriously, this forum is ment to be kind to each other, not about people's weaknesses

13. Kotoamatsukami,

Why kind?

14. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Why cats pur?

15. Kotoamatsukami,


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