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1. YNWA,

Dear Participants

We had a total of 15 people taking part in the World Cup predictions, which is more than I was expecting.

At this stage the tournament goes into a straight knockout phase, if the game is level the game goes into extra-time and if the scores are still level after a further 30 minutes, there will be a penalty shoot-out with the winnner going through to the next round. Penalties are not important for our predictions league but when making your predictions there are a couple of things to think of.

1. If the score is level after 90 minutes we wait for the full 120 minutes to be played. If the score is level after 120 minutes for example 1-1 then we will count that score for our prediction league.

2. If a team wins 3-2 after 90 or 120 minutes you will still get the same amount of points as you got in the knock-out stages.


Round of 16

Saturday 30th June

1. France v Argentina 15:00

2. Uruguay v Portugal 19:00

Monday 2nd July

3. Brazil v Mexico 15:00

4. Belgium v Japan 19:00

Sunday 1st July

5. Spain v Russia 15:00

6. Croatia v Denmark 19:00

Tuesday 2nd July

7. Sweden v Switzerland 15:00

8. Colombia v England 19:00

would also like to thank Mayank for joining the team and he has already been a huge help, our Gazza with out the crazyness!


Mayank, Magicalkrrish & YNWA

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