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1. YNWA,

Dear All

Thank you to everybody who participated in the Russia FIFA 2018 World cup predictions league. Originally it was just going to be a handful of friends but thanks to magicalkrrish it was possible for more people to participate this time. I would also like to thank Mayank who also became part of the organising team. Mayank put in a huge amount to ensure the ship stayed on course.

They say the Premier League is a marathon and not a sprint and that was the case for this league. Cristina burst into the lead dragging Mayank round with her like a puppy after a stick but always managed to stay ahead. When Merlin turned on the magic he lept forward too jump the queue but Fawaz like his beloved Madrid side always managed just about to do enough and hang on with gritted teeth.

We would like to thank Fawaz for winning the league and congratulate Cristina for pushing Fawaz so close. Congratulations both of you as you did fantastically well.



1 fawaz 64 27 24 51
2 cristina 64 24 27 51
3 everyone 64 21 28 49
3 Merlin 64 21 28 49
5 raki 64 27 21 48
6 OMessi-Moves 64 21 26 47
7 slavista 64 24 22 46
8 mayank 64 21 23 44
9 balasana 64 9 31 40
10 magicalKrrish 64 15 24 39
11 alesia 64 12 26 38
12 YNWA 64 12 24 36
13 angelina-princess 64 12 23 35
14 Vojvoda 64 9 25 34
15 badgirl 64 12 21 33

Thanks to everybody who took part or helped out in any way.

mayank, Magicalkrrish & YNWA

2. balasana ,

Congrats Fawaz! You rock--I assume you pulled it off without much efort, based on what you told me before :p
Well done Cristina! Now you've got to pass one some tips to me. :D
The organizing team, A huge thank you. It has been so fun.

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3. Fawaz,

Well kind of, since I follow football always, I know most of teams and clubs.
Exact score predicting saved me. only spain was disapointing.
O right Had some hope for some arabian countries. hopefully they do better in 2022.
Thanks guys for organizing such a fun game.
best of luck.

4. mhr91358,

congratulations man, i hope so

5. YNWA,

They will do a little bit better as they are closer to home and will have local support. If they want to improve then more players will have to play in europe. Interestingly the next world cup will be in November with the final about 18 December to enable the UK to still have their traditional Christmas fixtures. We currently hold the u20 and u17 versions of the world cup. Argentina have big issues so it may take a lot of time for them to rebuild. I hope africa does better next time, they are developing some great individuals but must form a team. I think Nigeria will be interesting as they have good young players and as 5 of the England u20 players could play for Nigeria perhaps they may get 1 or 2 of them. Alex Iwobi is just one example of a player who played for England youth and is now playing for Nigeria.

England will have a better team as their young players are the best in the World if the teams bring them through.

6. Merlin,

Well done Fawas and Cristina, it was good fun, thanks

7. Mayank ,

Congratulations Fawaz. And quite a lot of fun everyone. Thanks all for being a good sport.
And thanks Ynwa and Magicalkrrish for doing a great job with this. It made this crazy world cup even more enjoyable

8. MagicalKrrish,

Well done Fawaz buddy, congratulations.

Huge thanks goes to Ynwa and Mayank, thank you for the efford. Hard working people.


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