Some interesting things what I noticed in quiz party

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1. Cristina,

Hello all!

First, I would like to share with all of you, what I’ve made to get rid of repeated questions.
It was not the best solution, but at least I could see more new questions after that.
When I play quiz party, I am more interested to see and learn new things, than to get a lot of points and win. Therefore I’ve tried to do something to achieve this.
Moreover what’s the point of having 20000 questions, if we would see maybe just half of them due to those repeats?
So I started to wonder and think of doing something to be possible to see more new questions.
When we got a repeated questions, which has was seen thousand times before, I saved and restored the table, then it passed to the next player to choose a category, as we do when we get an error.
Ok, maybe for many of you this will sound so stupid and boring, because as many of you said in other posts, where it was talked about the repeated questions, “programming languages only randomize strings, so if we save the table and restore it, it will only randomize another question and reset the data base but it is also possible to get the repeated question”.
I’ve agreed with this, until I tried to make what I’ve said above. After 3 or max 4 times, when I saved and restored the table, we saw more rare a repeated question. This has drewn my attention, considering to be very interesting and I started to wonder why it happened so?
Another very interesting things what I’ve noticed, it happened last evening when I submitted some questions.
Two questions were asked on the same way, I got the next message: “Your question couldn't be submitted. This could be due to a double or a formulation error.”, even if the variants of answers were different.
Sometimes I got this message before, but I’ve thought that maybe another player has submitted the same question what I wanted to ask, then I renounced to do it and submitted other questions.
And what it happened last evening has drewn my attention again, because this is very interesting and annoying somehow, just because it is stupid to not be possible to submit a question due to another question which was asked on the same way, but the answers of it were different.
Ok, maybe some of you would say: “Then try to ask differently…”, but this can not be possible anytime, especially when the english language of someone is not so good, as it is mine. Moreover I tried to submit 2 questions about the same topic, just because, I’ve found some interesting informations what I could have not put just in one question.
and, because I am not a person who would give up easily, I’ve changed one word of the second question, then it was possible to submit it. But this is also not very ok, because, maybe the second question was not very correct.
My question would be: “Is it possible to do something to be fixed all this?”

2. YNWA,

there are still many issues that need to be sorted.

1. It still gives out a percentage figure every time you get a new category as explained previously.

2. There are far too many repeated questions that Cristina stated above and this can happen in the same game even if the game is very short. I don't know the sorting system you use, I remember on my old MP3 player when you selected random it always started with 'A Flock of Seaguls' Perhaps I should have changed another song title to 'A batch of Bots' but that is another matter. We have to wait 5 seconds before we get a question so even if it takes the server longer then we should not notice any difference if the system is changed.

3. It is becoming increasingly apparent that only Helpers/Quiz Validators are only able to Flag/Signal questions. I know that other people were able to Flagup questions in the past but not for some time. Balasana and others have commented on this issue in previous posts.

3. Nikola,

Percentages aren't an issue, that is normal behaviour, i don't see what's the issue there. Though this game doesn't feel like it was on french server, feels like it's a beta game. Some basic bugs and crashes are there, if you press ctrl g and then cancel game usually crashes till you save and restore, you're allowed to press enter on the question and it's gone unless you press f11 but not everyone would think to do that, signaling is super unintuitive and broken since you need to type your signal message fast or another question will come and then it's over.

4. balasana ,

Christina, how many times have you performed that experiment of saving multiple times? Would you mind trying more, say 20 times, and see if your conclusion still stands the same? I might be able to answer your question once I get your results.

5. Cristina,

Balasana, do you mean to save and restore 20 times just in a game or to do this in several games?
i played with a friend like 3 games of quiz party and in each of them I saved and restored like 3 or 4 times, then we noticed what I've said in my previous post.

6. YNWA,

There is no reason why Balasana can't do the same thing and let us know the results!

7. balasana ,

hmm. that sounds quite strange cristina. I was hoping by trying more times you will find some of those savings will work to reduce the repeats, and others will not work. I cannot explain what you have observed. Does not seem random to me. Anyway, if that method works for you, guess the problem is solved somehow?

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